Monday, February 3, 2014

Tour Kick Off - A Burning Truth by Joyce Proell

Historical Romance - Suspense/Mystery
Date Published: Feb 2014

In 1881, the air in Chicago is rife with worker discontent, yet business titan Doyle Flanagan is hopeful for the future. He looks forward to a lifetime of peaceful bliss with Cady Delafield and leaving the wretched past behind. But his life is once again thrown into disarray when his office is vandalized and the night watchman murdered. Clues lead to a powerful organized labor movement. Targeted in the press as anti-labor and with a big rally staged next door to his offices, Doyle must uncover the culprits before his wedding plans and his livelihood go up in smoke.
Plagued by memories of four brutal deaths, school director Cady Delafield is determined to drive the recent tragedies from her mind and enjoy being courted. Although his commanding personality threatens to overshadow her, Doyle Flanagan is the most dynamic man she’s ever met. When another tragedy unfolds placing him at the center, she takes action—action that could shatter her future
Joyce grew up in Minnesota and attended college and grad school in Chicago. After working in mental health, she retired at a young age to write full-time. Her first book, Eliza, was published in 2012.  A Burning Truth is the second in the Cady Delafield series. When she isn’t writing mysteries or historical romances, she loves to travel, walk, read, and do crossword puzzles. She and her husband make their home in rural Minnesota in her very own little house on the prairie.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this tour together. I am delighted that A Burning Truth is available for other people to enjoy now.

    1. This looks like a great historical mystery/suspense. I like the plot centers around a labor movement during this time period.

  2. I think it's interesting that you incorporated labor unions with that time period. The town I'm from, Youngstown Ohio, has a long past with labor unions. I've heard the stories over and over from older folks about how hard conditions were prior to unions. The only unfortunate thing (in my opinion) is that many in this area are so dedicated to the Democrat party for their commitment to the unions, that whenever there is a corrupt politician, everyone seems to look the other way, simply because he is a Democrat. In their world, when you have a 'D' after your name you can do no wrong'. I love the mystery aspect. I love mysteries in general! It sounds like an awesome book!! Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!

  3. The cover is what intrigues me and has caught my eye.

  4. I like the cover lots, it looks really interesting. :)

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