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We have been coordinating Book Tours for 5 Years this April.

We have Successfully completed OVER 1000 Book Tours and Promotional Events during that time!

We will be hosting a MAJOR Giveaway to celebrate our upcoming Anniversary. If you are an author who wants to contribute a signed book. Email us! Bloggers/Readers, stay tuned for more information.


For Authors

We have been coordinating Book Tours for 5 Years this April. 

We have Successfully completed OVER 1000 Book Tours and Promotional Events in the last 4 Years! 

Social Media

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Pinterest: 1,744 Followers

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Monthly Page Views: 20,000 (updated March 1, 2017)

  • Every tour will get its own Tour Page which will remain active for at least a year after the tour has ran. 
  • Customized Book Tour Banner that will link directly to your tour page.
  • We handle EVERYTHING from Scheduling the Tour, Making sure Bloggers have all materials in a timely manner, GIVEAWAY coordination, and more. 


REVIEW Only Tours must be booked 8 weeks in advanced.
Regular Tours must be booked 6 weeks in advanced. 8-weeks notice may be required for the larger tours.
Promo Blitzes must be booked 3 weeks in advanced.

You can choose to BUY a Package (packages here) now using the Paypal button or contact us separately.
Upon contact, you will receive an email from us requesting certain materials:

Author Tour/PROMO Request Form
Book Cover/Synopsis
Author Photo/Bio

Once you have filled out and sent us the Request Form and materials, we will create your Tour Page. This will be set up within 48hours and you will receive a link to the Tour Page to make sure all of your information is correct. 

From there we start scheduling. Scheduling varies by each novel. Once the Tour is 1/2 booked, you will be updated with a preliminary schedule. 

Tours are OVERBOOKED in case of missed posts or last minute changes. You are guaranteed the full tour you pay for! 

Interviews/Guest Posts are handled once the Bloggers have all of their materials. We will send you a list of Guest Post/Interview Dates along with a list of Topics and/or the Interview Questions. This way you will know exactly when you need to have certain posts/interviews back to us. 

We pride ourselves in providing STRESS-FREE tours! You will not need to have any contact with the bloggers. Everything will go through us.


If you are interested in learning more about  Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours or wanting to set up your very own virtual book tour please fill out the FORM HERE or simply use the Buy Now Paypal button. 

You can view all of our Package Options/Pricing HERE


The best thing about a Book Tour is that it will give you exposure to many readers all at one time. Authors who self-published don’t have the benefit of a publisher to give them publicity or set up Physical Book Tours. Social Media is BOOMING, promote your book online where many perspective readers can find it!

What will a Tour Do for you?
·        Get your name out there, not only for the book on tour, but your previous works as well.

·        Gain Social Media Followers/Newsletter Sign ups with a Giveaway.

·        Receive honest feedback on your novel with Reviews from Bloggers/Reviewers without having to take the time to send cold call like emails.

·        Save you time. No stress, just time for you to focus on your writing.

·        Get connected with Bloggers who may be interested in your future works.

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