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Date Published:  05-01-2018

Publisher: Phenomenal One Press

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Our way of thinking about your ability to change and your worth in reaching for it through active exercises and simple bites that when taken can guide you in building your dreams and aspirations, one step at a time.





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About the Author

L.M. Preston, a native of Washington, DC. An avid reader, she loved to create poetry and short-stories as a young girl. She is an author, an engineer, a professor, a mother and a wife. Her passion for writing and helping others to see their potential through her stories and encouragement has been her life’s greatest adventures.She loves to write while on the porch watching her kids play or when she is traveling, which is another passion that encouraged her writing.


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Teaser: Book Tour Madness by SJ Slagle #promo #teasertuesday #excerpt #mystery #comingsoon #rabtbooktours @jeanne_harrell


To Be Published: 4/11/23

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A Widow Writer Mystery


Jaynie Floyd, a celebrated mystery writer, has a book on the New York Times bestseller list. It’s wonderful news and her agent wants to send her on a book tour to promote it. However, Jaynie is newly widowed and doesn’t want to go. As she works through her grief, a myriad of problems arise with family and life.

Once she finally decides to go on the book tour, partially to escape, all hell breaks loose. One of the other authors on the tour is murdered and Jaynie’s instincts as a mystery writer are called into action. Soon she is chasing down leads and suspects, all the while avoiding requests from police and family to keep out of it. Her skills and curiosity take Jaynie into dangerous territory, from which she may not escape. Bodies pile up as she gets closer to the truth. Truth that could make sure she bothers the killer no more.

Book Tour Madness is a story of survival after the death of a spouse, mixed with an old-fashioned murder mystery.




          No one responded to my single knock on her door, so I pounded on the door. Still no answer.

          My nose twitched. Her overpowering perfume from the other night drifted my way. There was no mistaking that pungent aroma. She had to be close by. Without thinking twice, I headed downstairs to find the hotel manager.

          Even before the short, balding man put a magnetic card into the door lock, I had a sinking feeling that we weren’t going to like what we found. Chalk it up to writing murder mysteries for the past ten years, but I didn’t dismiss feelings. They were a natural part of the selection process and a dogged reminder of human frailty.

          He opened the door wide.

          At first, there was nothing to see, save an unmade bed, clothing and cosmetics scattered around and a standing ice bucket with a bottle of champagne.


          We’d checked into the hotel at 11:30, Hilda and I had gone to lunch with Marliss begging off. She was entertaining at noon when we had the signing event at two? Curious.

          The hotel manager stepped aside and I walked over by the ice bucket. I was about to pull out my cell phone to take pictures when a furry pink shoe on the floor by the massive bed caught my eye. We had been booked into suites with four-poster beds that occupied seemingly half of our bedrooms. Marliss’ room looked just like mine.

          I walked two steps toward the furry shoe with heels too high for me when a leg suddenly stretched out not far from it. I froze in my tracks when the rest of the body came into view. Crystal clear.


          My stomach pitched with the mixed aromas of perfume and body fluids. She lay crumpled on the floor with a small amount of blood oozing from the side of her head. Her eyes were open, yet unseeing. I didn’t expect to find a pulse.

          I turned to the short man immediately behind me. He rubbed his eyes as if they were deceiving him and took a step back.

          “Call 9-1-1.”

          He looked from Marliss to me and back.


          With a shaky breath, he nodded and backed all the way out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. The idiot.

          I snapped to and remembered I had my phone on me. As I made the call, I was careful not to touch anything in the room, especially by the body. I had written scenes like this too many times to be unaware of the liability I had put myself into just by being here.

          Marliss was dead. I knew that for sure, but my troubles were just beginning. 

          While waiting for the police to arrive, I stayed away from the body, but my eyes searched the room. Marliss’ suite, like mine, had a bedroom separated from a nice sitting area with a table and chairs situated by a large window overlooking the city. The sleek paneled doors were wide open to the sitting area. An ice bucket sat by the table, but a chair had tipped over. It lay on its side pointing the way to Marliss’ body in the next room. The champagne in the ice bucket hadn’t been opened and had to be plenty cold by now. Two champagne glasses sitting on the table indicated she had been expecting company.

          The rest of the sitting room held little interest for me, so my eyes strayed back to the body. Marliss was wearing lingerie. Sexy lingerie. A frilly lavender number, I’m sure by a famous designer, with a barely-there bra, thong and tiny lace skirt. I couldn’t be sure from this distance, but the skirt appeared to be torn. The whole outfit didn’t cover much and I was tempted to reach for a blanket. Tempted, but I didn’t. The crime scene needed to be kept as it was.

          Her face was turned to me and I was sad to see her blank eyes. The Marliss I’d known and, okay, disliked, had eyes that could look right through you or knock you down with her deadly glare. Hilda had been the recipient of that look more than once.

          The blood splatter pattern indicated she’d been killed where she had fallen—yes, I knew about patterns from years of research—and the red mark on her face indicated a hard slap. Maybe the slap had caused her fall and she hit her head on the corner of the bed when she fell.

          Maybe her death was an accident.

          Maybe. Oh, no. My eyes saw more than I wanted. A small shaft of sunlight flashed on something shiny by the bedpost. My feet itched to move closer to see what it could be when my brain came back online.

          Hilda’s emerald ring.

          No, it couldn’t be.

          I remembered my conversation with Hilda. She’d remarked that she had left it back in her room. But her body language belied her words. Her chin dipped to her chest as she spoke and she’d averted her eyes from mine. I could swear she was lying, and her comment hadn’t made sense. I knew how much she loved that ring because Antoine gave it to her.

          Maybe Antoine had returned to the scene and asked for it back. Had he then gone to see Marliss, killed her and dropped the ring to implicate Hilda?

          Food for thought.

          Where could I find Antoine?

          I checked back through my texts from Marliss. She’d mentioned something I was trying to remember. Ah, here it was. She had to miss lunch because she had a quick meeting with a secret admirer. Apparently, the “meeting” was code for a nooner and needed to be quick because the signing event would be starting at two.

          So whatever happened to her, happened between noon and two o’clock. I glanced at the door’s heavy security locks. She must have let him in, another indication she knew the killer. It would have been nice if she’d let me inn on her little secret, but that was the way Marliss worked. She was always cloaked in secrecy, which didn’t save her.

          The man opening the door wasted no time.

          “I’m Detective Sloan from LAPD.  You the one who found the body?”

          “Yes, sir.”

          “Your name?”

          “Jaynie Floyd.”

          “What’s your connection to the deceased?”

          “I was on a book tour with her.”

          Although the man wore wire-framed glasses, I could see the squint aimed my way. His fake smile wasn’t filling me with confidence.

          “A book tour?”

          “Yes, sir. We’re fellow authors at a book signing event.”

          I could tell he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, so I babbled some more.

          “It’s when authors go to bookstores to sign books purchased by readers.”

          While he stood still sizing me up, I suppose, I had a good look at him too. A wrinkled jacket over jeans with a crooked tie. All that was missing from his costume was the felt hat and he could have been straight out of a Mickey Spillane novel. He looked more like Spillane’s detective, Mike Hammer, from what I read, than Stacy Keach from the old television show. A hard-boiled detective faced me as the color bleached from the hotel room placing me in the middle of a classic film noir.

          I knew there’d be a holstered gun under the jacket, and a badge peeked out from his belt. He wasn’t any happier to see me than I was to see him. If more minutes ticked by, I would be breaking into a cold sweat.

          His gaze dropped to the body and he moved toward it. A uniformed officer stood by the door keeping me in his sight at all times. What did he think I was going to do? Make a run for it? I sure did think about doing exactly that, but I was pinned in place by his steely look. My knees had locked up and I seriously hoped I wouldn’t tip over. I’d be lying next to poor Marliss.

          The detective’s gaze flicked over Marliss, taking her in. I bet he had a snapshot of her in his head and details would come back to him as he thought over the scene. I’d written about detectives like Sloan, so I wasn’t uncomfortable being around him. I just didn’t appreciate being considered a suspect because I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          When a police photographer entered the room, Detective Sloan moved me into the sitting area. His questioning look returned to an otherwise neutral face.

          “How did you happen to find the body?”

          “She missed the signing event today at Book Soup and I came to look for her.”

          “She hadn’t said anything to you about possibly being detained?”

          “Actually, she did.” When I reached for my cell phone in my pocket, the detective took a step back as the uniformed officer at the door took a step forward.

          “Easy, guys,” I said. “I’m getting my phone out.”

          Sloan didn’t exactly relax, but his shoulders weren’t hunched around his ears anymore.

          I scrolled through my text messages until I found what I was looking for.

          “Here. See?”

          He took my phone and read the message. His face remained as vacant as a blank chalkboard.  I bet he was a good poker player. He handed the phone back.

          “We’ll need to copy all your messages from Marliss Kendall. Could you come down to the station today?”


          He jerked his head toward the officer at the door. “Officer Petrie will give you the information you need.”

          I glanced at Petrie who embodied those uniformed guards at Buckingham Palace. An expression on his face was as useless as my presence in a hotel room with a dead body.

          “Can you add anything else to what you’ve told me?” asked Sloan.

          “No, sir.”

          “You sure?”

          I could tell he thought I knew more than I was saying and maybe he was right. I didn’t mention the ring because I wasn’t supposed to have seen it. I had been closer to the body than I should have been and I wasn’t going to tattle on myself. Besides, Sloan didn’t appear to be a dummy. He’d learn whose ring it was in due course.

          “Yes, sir. May I go?”

          He nodded curtly. “Give your contact information to Officer Petrie and go down to the central station to make your deposition. I’ll need it as soon as possible.”

          “I can do that.”

          I left as quickly as possible. Being close to poor Marliss for so long had me rushing back to my room for a long, hot shower. With soapsuds rinsing off, several things occurred to me:

1.    What was the Detroit connection?

2.    Was she being blackmailed? The scene in the alley back in San Francisco could have been about blackmail. Maybe a rabid fan?



About the Author

SJ SLAGLE started her career as a language arts teacher. When she began writing, her initial interest was children’s stories, but then she moved on to western romance, mysteries and historical fiction. She has published 30 novels. Her website is SJ has established Twitter and Facebook fan bases, and a quarterly author newsletter.


SJ Slagle has written several western romance series including: THESE NEVADA BOYS, RANCHER, and THE WESTERNERS, as well as mystery series: FLOYD SISTERS MYSTERIES and SHERLOCK AND ME. All her books are distributed in digital, paper and audiobook formats.


Her first historical fiction novel, LONDON SPIES, was awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion in 2018. She was given the Silver Award with the International Independent Film Awards for her screenplay called REDEMPTION. She conducts writing/publishing symposiums in her local area.


SJ Slagle lives and works in Reno, Nevada.


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Release Blitz: The Quest for the Wizard's Key by C.L. Hart #promo #releaseday #paranormal #fantasy #scifi #rabtbooktours @ReadersRoost

Tales from the Dreamlands, Book 2


Paranormal Fantasy, Occult and Supernatural, Lovecraftian, Sci-Fi Fantasy

Publication Date: April 1, 2023


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The Wizard's Key is the second book in a series of New Cthulhu Mythos tales. This fix-up novel features a fascinating cast of outcasts on a quest to save the Cosmos from destruction by malevolent forces. Join them on their madcap journey.

This fix-up novel follows the events that transpired in Ketil and Yitzy’s Adventure in the Xura Dream House. The book can be read as a standalone, but for a better understanding of the characters and events, it is suggested that Ketil and Yitzy’s Adventure in the Xura Dream House should be read first. It is a fun, fast-paced buddy story with plenty of creepy, crazy twists and turns.

Once you have read Ketil and Yitzy’s Adventure, you will be In the Know so you can be In with the In Crowd! Then you can join us at the Kewl Eldritch Horrors table.



About the Author

C. L. Hart, the owner and sole employee of Naughty Netherworld Press, is spoken of in hushed tones. She is described as The Mad Scribe of the Northeastern Colorado Plains, The Terrible Old Woman, and The Author That Should Not Be.

When not penning sanity-destroying works of dystopian fiction, Lovecraftian fantasy, or old-school horror with the occasional sweet romance thrown in to upset the cosmic apple cart, Ms. Hart enjoys creating baked goods that she hopes will be considered palatable.

Ms. Hart shares a home in a remote rural town of 134 souls with her adult son and three cats. Her sense of fashion is best described as Early Twenty-First Century Unmade Bed. This disabled former nurse can usually be found arguing with herself about subplots or rehabilitating eldritch horrors.

Follow C. L. Hart

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Book Blitz: She's Obsessed by Nick Haskins #promo #africanamericanfiction #urbanfiction #rabtbooktours @iamnickhaskins


African American Urban Fiction

Date Published: 07-30-2020

Publisher: Kcin Publishing Group

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In the suburbs of Chicago, Jayceon and Leah were all set to start their new lives together as husband and wife. In Jace, Leah thought she married the perfect man until she accidentally stumbles across his deleted secret that quickly turns her sanity, and their marriage, upside down. The night before Jayceon marries Leah, he hits the record button on his iPhone when the curvaceous dancer—Jessica Fox—from his bachelor party makes her way back to his hotel suite. Soon after, the nasty recorded mistake comes back to haunt Jace, and the stripper, in the worst way possible. The life Leah planned with Jace rapidly spins out of control when she becomes obsessed with the X-rated video, and the girl in it. Leah will do whatever it takes to right her new husbands wrong, even if it means getting rid of Jessica Fox for good . . .


 About the Author

Nick Haskins is the author of My Husband's Wife, Betrayed, She's Obsessed, and his latest novel, Dark Waters, which is dropping in the summer of 2023. Nick was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, where he currently resides. After years of aspiring to become a professional screenwriter, he began to shape his creative dreams and released his first African American fiction book, On the Edge of Heat, in 2011. In addition, Nick has been actively working on his first feature film and developing a new streaming series.


Readers can visit Nick's website at, email him at, or follow him on social media @iamnickhaskins


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Release Blitz: Archmage by Chrisopher Leigh Dodson & Christian Alayna Dodson #promo #fantasy #releaseday #newbooks #rabtbooktours @Chris_Dodson789


Farewell to the Old World


Date Published: April 1st, 2023


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A Kiran Princess named Sol has the power to look into the future, and a vision comes along one day that has the power to change her whole life and that of all the people around her. From this moment on, a multitude of unusual happenings will be heading her way.

Wrapped up in inter-tribal conflicts and risk, Sol’s world has suddenly transformed itself into one of adventure, involving the exploration of a magical island that may soon disappear forever.

Join Sol in her foray to save the people around her while captive in this magical world.

About the Author

Christopher Leigh Dodson was born in Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America 02-09-1969. Christopher has been happily married for 32 years. His wife’s name is Patricia. They met at a Bon Jovi concert on Valentine’s Day in Birmingham, Alabama. They have four children and one grandchild, and another grandchild on the way. Both of them love watching Alabama Collage Football and watching reality T.V. Christopher has been writing for many years and finally got the courage to put one of his books out there. Magic In A Tub was thought up around 2007. He saw images on the inside of his tub after pulling up the bathtub mat. Always look into the clouds and see the beautiful things you can find.

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TikTok @christopherleighdodson

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

New Release Blitz: Kidnapped Clowder #promo #romance #thriller #newbooks #releaseday #rabtbooktours @mizner13


Romance Thriller

Date Published: 03-28-2023

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It’s been over a year since Jimena kidnapped Nic and locked him in his basement. Turns out demons love being adored, even by serial killers. This long-term toxic relationship that’s become a marriage hinges on Jimena’s ability to show he is reformed.

What better way to do this than by adopting a feral cat… or seven. Jimena’s new obsession shows him the dark side of humanity and how cruel they can be to unwanted pets.

His murderous intent is now misguided and used to avenge the animals that can’t protect themselves.

It’s an improvement, sort of. Except the demon cop that’s helping keep Jimena out of jail is bringing up old feelings and Jimena is considering upgrading in demons. Might upgrade from avenging pets to avenging people too, because these mass shootings involving children are getting a bit annoying.

Jimena and Nic continue their toxic love story that may not last much longer, especially if Jimena locks a demon cop in his basement.

About the Author

Nina Schluntz is a native to rural Nebraska. In her youth, she often wrote short stories to entertain her friends. Those ideas evolved into the novels she creates today.

Her husband continues to ensure her stories maintain a touch of realism as she delves into the science fiction and fantasy realm. Their three cats are always willing to stay up late to provide inspiration, whether it is a howl from the stray born in the backyard or an encouraging bite from the so called “calming kitten.”


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Book Blitz: Moosings of a Cow by Darren J. Squire #promo #nonfiction #motivational #spiritual #rabtbooktours @MKWebsiteandSEO


21 Life Lessons from the Barnyard


Nonfiction / Motivational / Inspirational

Date Published: March 13, 2023

Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing

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"The mere brute pleasure of reading-the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing." 

-Lord Chesterfield: British Statesman, 1694-1773

Cows seems simple, and most of the time we don't even pay attention. But below the surface, they are amazingly rich in emotion and personality. In our fast-paced, technological, and socially complex world, we often forget the ease and ofttimes simplicity of the wisdom that we truly know in our heart. In this book, wholesomeness, wisdom, and humor come together to both entertain and enlighten you. Simple gems of wisdom from the barnyard.


About the Author

Author Darren J. Squire believes in achieving the utmost potential in this life that the Lord has given us. He realizes that discovering much of the world around us all, understanding its fundamental principles, then properly applying them helps lead to a successful life. Having done this himself, he hopes to encourage others to do the same.


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