Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tour Kick Off - A Town Without Mercy

Date Published: January 2014
Women's Fiction

Is it nature or nurture that drives sixteen-year-old, Mercedes Warren, to become a mass murderer? Town Without Mercy, is contemporary women's fiction dealing with current event drama of mass shootings and gay marriage. Told through the eyes of the mother, a TV news correspondent, Adele must find the answer, even as it takes her away from Mercedes' deathbed where she lays in a coma from the police bullet that stopped the carnage. If Adele follows the leads, the cost could be her seventeen-year-old marriage to same-sex partner, Jodi Warren. The townspeople of Concord Park want revenge. They blame Adele and Jodi's lifestyle as the cause of their daughter's actions, but are they innocent of all blame? 

Joanne Simon Tailele was born a midwest girl in Youngstown Ohio and wrote her first short story at the age of ten in blue colored pencil. For most of her life, writing was private, for her own enjoyment and therapy. In 2010, she discovered NANOWRIMO and challenged herself to write a 50K novel in 30 days. She finished it, but admits it was awful. After joining an online writer's group, she picked away at the story for a full year with the help of the other girls in my group from all over the globe. It took another year of edits and rewrites before she I joined a local writer's group and felt the script was ready for the public eye. Two and half years later, ACCIDENT went public. Her second novel, Town Without Mercy, was released Janaury, 2014. Joanne currently resides on Marco Island on the SW Gulf coast of Florida with her husband. The proud the parents of 8 his-and-hers kids and 9 grandkids, they spend their time boating and enjoying the white sandy beach of Marco Island when she is not writing.

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