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Date Published: 02-10-2010



It's the time for you to create the life you meant to live by connecting to God within. Your prayers have more power than you can imagine. So many of us forget that as children of God, abundance is our birthright!





Suzy Bootz: Inspiring Readers with the Law of Attraction

In a world where people are seeking guidance and inspiration, Suzy Bootz shines as an Author and Coach living her life through the Law of Attraction. With a collection of thought-provoking books such as "Through the Eyes of Truth - A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose," "Creating Utopia - Living Life as a Miracle Worker," and "God Whispers A Daily Devotional," Suzy opens doors to new perspectives and encourages her readers to embark on their spiritual journeys.

The Power of Sharing:

Through her heartfelt and introspective works, Suzy Bootz shares her personal spiritual odyssey with readers, inviting them to explore the depths of their souls. By embracing the Law of Attraction, she empowers her audience to manifest positive change in their lives. Suzy's books serve as guiding lights, inviting readers to reflect on their own paths and discover their true purpose.

Rescuing Animals and Inspiring Others:

Beyond her writing, Suzy is a compassionate advocate for animal rights and dedicates her time to rescuing animals in need. This passion for helping others extends beyond the scope of her books, as she finds joy in sharing her experiences, answered prayers, and insights in her blogs. Suzy's genuine love for animals is a testament to her caring nature, and her commitment to this cause exhibits the values she holds dear.

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