Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Schedule Set: Phillip Overturn

Young Adult Contemporary
Title:Last Wish of Summer
Author: Phillip Overton

Date Published: 1/18/12

As the sun prepares to rise on the last day of summer, three friends find themselves totally
unprepared for the events that are about to take place around them. For Tanya it is a chance to
find peace three years after losing her parents in an auto accident. Deciding she simply can’t
continue blaming God for her loss, she places a heartfelt poem in a bottle and throws it into
the sea on the eve of her birthday, granting her birthday wish to whoever finds it.

Early the next morning, her best friend Anton and his buddy Johnno find the bottle washed
up on the shore and set about putting it to the test. When Johnno falls for the new waitress at
the cafĂ© where Tanya works, it stirs up feelings of jealousy in Tanya. Surely Johnno couldn’t
be the man that God had in mind for her? Suddenly, strange wishes are beginning to come
true, but is it all a coincidence? Or is God about to change people’s lives for the better?

Welcome to Kings Beach, where the forecast for the last day of summer promises to be hot,
hot, hot, with a definite change in the air.

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