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Tour Kick Off - Origin by Emilia I. Rutigliano

Contemporary / Women's Fiction
Date Published:February 14, 2014
Alexandra Kamin is everywoman. At 42, she has a loving family, terrific children, a great career with a superlative income, a gorgeous face with a terrific figure, and a loving boyfriend. Most impressive is that she is in complete control of every ambit of her life.

Where do you go when you are at the top?

ORIGIN takes you back to the beginning… the beginning of Alexandra’s life in America, the beginning of the truest of love affairs, and the beginning of an entrepreneurial life. Through a series of flashbacks and conversations, Alexandra explains every nuance that made this beautiful family a dynasty that you want to root for.

Schooling, work, child rearing, and family affairs are all under Alexandra’s Order are all accounted for as the years go by.  GNO, love affairs and the truest of loyalties are best second time around.

#1 – Do You See Writing as a Career?
Absolutely!  Just not for me.  I don’t see it as a career for me.  I see Writing as a means of telling a story, and I have always loved telling stories.  I’m privileged enough to be able to do it, and grateful that there are people who enjoy hearing the stories I tell. 

#2 – What was the Hardest Part of Your Writing Process?
Actually sitting down and Writing.  The stories are all there in my head, and it is just a matter of physically getting them onto the Word Document.  My kids make fun of my writing in that I’ll usually sit down someplace arbitrary and type without looking at the screen and carrying on a side conversation.  There is no control of the story in my head.

#3 – Did you have any One Person Who Helped You Out with Your Writing Outside of Your Family?
Because everything I write is based on the REAL world around me… everyone and everything inspired me.  Although the characters are fictional, they are absolutely based on real people.  Those “similarities” are entirely intended (and permission was sought and granted from each of the INCREDIBLE characters in my life).  When I get stuck with a location or a situation, I make demands from the universe, and am kindly whisked away by incredible friends to wherever I need to go for inspirations (like GNO at bars and weekend trips to London). 

#4 – What is next for your writing?
There are FOUR books in the ORDER series.  I’ve written two, and am working on the third, ORIENT.  Because it takes place in the ORIENT, my husband is taking the family there for the month so that I can experience it.  The fourth book is ORACLE… can’t wait to see where he takes us then…

#5 – Do you have an addiction to reading as well as writing? If so, what are you currently reading?
I do have an addiction to reading.  I am an admitted bibliophile, too.  But it is always about the story with me; the deeper, the better.  I am following the Blogs’ recommendations in the Women’s Contemporary section.  I also like the Business, Marketing and Inspirational sections.  In fact, I prefer them all being blended into one.  I LIKE my heroines to be able to bake a soufflĂ©, treat the kids for lice infestation, deep-throat and swallow, change a tire, manage her own portfolio and invests in designer shoes for comfort.  There I said it!

DESCRIBE Your Book in 1 Tweet:
Smart women, great men, family, wealth, GNO and kink… it’s better the second time around

This or That?

#1 - iPd or Mp3?
I’m an Apple Girl.  iPhone with personalized ringtones, and many distinct playlists.

#2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?
Why Choose?  My favorite flavor is called Cherry Mania.  I discovered it in Slovenia:  It’s Vanilla Ice cream with black Cherries and pieces of Dark Chocolate Wafers.  Yeah…. Ahm, what was the question again?

#3 – Mashed Potatoes or French Fries?
Crispy French fries… with truffles and pecorino Cheese.

#4 – Comedy or Drama?
Comedy.  DEFINITELY.  Just not the slapstick.  If you don’t see the humor and irony in every situation, you’re missing the Drama.  It’s all comedy to me!

#5 – Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks?
Danielle Steel.  I’ll give you that Sparks is a “better” writer… but Steel’s stories are incredible.  She has the absolute ability to create the world and the characters.  See… stories over writing.

#6 – Fantasy or Reality?
Reality.  I find Life has every element of every world ever created… with just as many fantastic characters, places and situation as any ‘made up’ world.  I’m blessed to be able to see situations (everyday) that make Soap Operas and Talk Show “titles” seem like child’s play.

#7 – Call or Text?
Text, actually.  Calls are too restrictive.  You need to contemplate purpose of the call, state it succinctly, receive a response and then conclude the call.  Texting… on the other hand… is not time restrictive.  Most people actually think before forming a question or responding.  I love it.

#8 – Public School or Home School?
Where do I begin.  I’m not a fan of Public Schooling, for several reasons.  I hate that the curricula is chosen for a mass populace, and doesn’t take a student’s learning into account.  It’s also based on an outdated system that is no longer in place.  Home Schooling is appropriate in some situations… but not in a majority.   Group education has a social component that is necessary.  Humans need to relate to other humans.  But either way, they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.  Home Schooling should continue after Public Schooling is done for the Day.

#9 – Coffee or Hot Chocolate
Coffee.  Real, un-fortified, Organic, Black, properly pressed, aromatic coffee.  The kind that you could smell from a room a way, that you can taste with each sip (not gulp), that wakes you up after half a cup and that you could remember for an hour or two after you’re done.  (Therefore, this precludes the stuff that we pour into Venti or Trenti cups with fake cream and fake sugar.)  Apparently I feel strongly about this… LOL.

#10 – eBook or Paperback?
 (Wow, this is tough.  You’re talking to a girl who saved for two years to purchase Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary – Original).  eBooks.  It’s a matter of time and the world we live in.  eBooks are just more convenient.  They are more accessible and they are pleasurable.  You can refer to them and copy and paste, if need be.  There is nothing offered by a paperback, that an eBook doesn’t deliver.  I would get a “book” for sentimental purposes, or to keep on a nightstand for inspiration or decor.  I have several “Coffee Table” type books on my nightstand.  But for actually “reading” – eBook.  

Emilia I. Rutigliano is an attorney who writes about people that she finds interesting.  Although her books are fiction, she weaves in a lot of the events of her own life, practice and travels.  She lives in New York City with her husband and three precocious teenagers (who occasionally acknowledge her existence when the internet is malfunctioning). 
ALEXANDRA’S ORDER is Emilia’s second book series, and is geared toward readers who enjoy a full story about multi-dimensional characters.  Because ORDER takes place in many locations with many different cultures, Emilia doesn’t write it unless she visits each location and meets the people who speak, think and act the same way as the characters in the book.  It’s a tough life, but she perseveres…

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