Monday, April 27, 2015

Tour Kick Off: His Name is Killian #giveaway

Erotic Romance
Date Published: November 25, 2014

Killian Stone paints harpies. 

Killian Stone is not into vanilla sex. 

Killian Stone suffers from mood swings. 

Killian Stone has done something very bad. 

The day the painter approaches her on the bridge and asks her to pose for him is the beginning of a lust Melissa won’t be able to bridle. When Killian Stone offers her a month of submission, she’s already too captivated to turn him down. His unhinged sexuality lets her explore her own dark fantasies, but his anger outbursts are scary and devastating. As the time goes by, Melissa realizes there’s something more than just irritability and anger. He has done something which doesn’t let him rest.

#1 – Do You See Writing as a Career?
Writing is my job, my career, and my delight.

#2 – What was the Hardest Part of Your Writing Process?
Writing in a foreign language. There must be few things that are harder.

#3 – Did you have any One Person Who Helped You Out with Your Writing Outside of Your Family?
My editor.

#4 – What is next for your writing?
More writing!

#5 – Do you have an addiction to reading as well as writing? If so, what are you currently reading?
I’m addicted to reading. At the moment I’ve reached the end of “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George Martin. Also, he’s a genius.

DESCRIBE Your Book in 1 Tweet:
A hot schizophrenic fighting the ghosts of his past. #HisNameIsKillian

This or That?

#1 - iPod or Mp3?
Anything that plays music.

#2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?

#3 – Mashed Potatoes or French Fries?
French Fries.

#4 – Comedy or Drama?

#5 – Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks?
Haven’t read them.

#6 – Fantasy or Reality?

#7 – Call or Text?

#8 – Public School or Home School?
Home School sounds better.

#9 – Coffee or Hot Chocolate.
Hot chocolate.

#10 – eBook or Paperback?

Paperbacks at home, eBooks anywhere else.

Ella Adamian

Ella Adamian lives in a small country named Armenia and writes in English. She also hides her identity, so that the local law enforcement bodies won’t fine or detain her for her explicit erotic novel “His Name is Killian.” Currently she’s working on the sequel of her first book.

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  1. There was not much of an excerpt but the cover looks intriguing.

  2. What intrigues me the most is that it's part of the romance genre!

  3. The cover , it looks like a dog collar. That's different.

  4. I'm curious about what he has done and I can't wait to see how she will help him. And I'm excited to read another dominant/submissive book.

  5. Wow the blurb sounds interesting, thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I love the whole dominant/submissive relationship