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Cover Reveal: Hell is the Tie That Binds by Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn @HDanielsAuthor @AliciaDawn71 #paranormal #erotica #coverreveal #giveaway #excerpt

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Paranormal Romance/Erotica
Date Published: October 5, 2018
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All is not well in paradise...

Zoey cannot forgive Pack Alpha Ryan for a wrong that hits too close to home. They’ve kept secrets from one another, but it hasn’t kept Zoey from wanting Ryan with the same intensity as day one. The question is, does Ryan still want her?

Ryan will keep his Pack safe above all else. He accepted the position of Alpha, and will now play his part. Even if keeping them safe means he has to get blood on his hands.

In a story of love and revenge, can two flames come together in a time of crisis and lead a Pack and a Coven to victory or will they burn so hot, they destroy everything they have created?

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(Excerpt from an unedited ARC)

Lifting the lid of the washer, Zoey just about gagged. Ryan had thrown his socks into the washer and closed the lid. She let the top slam close. “Ryan Taylor get your hairy ass in here!” She shouted not bothering to even temper her anger. The man had stepped on her last nerve.

“I cannot believe he would leave his stinky as shit socks, with the lid closed for me—”

Zoey had lifted the lid again. This time she breathed through her mouth to avoid the stench, and started to prepare the load for the wash cycle. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Ryan leaning against the door frame, arms crossed over his wide chest, biceps bulging. Everything about him screamed of the pleasures she denied herself. She may have been able to speak to him nicely if he had spoken. She may have been able to control herself if he had offered to help. She may not have added magik to the socks she drew out of the washer, balled up and tossed at Ryan if...if he had not grinned at her and snorted.

“Wash your own damn socks, wolf. I am not your maid. I am your wife and I have important matters to deal with such as how to keep the Council at bay, fight an evil witch and kill an immortal son of a bitch. Oh yeah, not one but two immortals thanks to you and your band of merry men, fuck you very much.” Yes, I would like to have you fuck me very much.

Zoey stepped to the side and ushered Ryan towards the washer. “What? Is this task beneath the high and mighty Ryan Alpha Wolf Taylor?”

Without a word Ryan walked to the washer, added more white clothes to his socks, the detergent and softener all while keeping the smile on his face. Zoey took a quick step back when the washer started but found herself boxed in between her hot husband and the dryer. Her mouth went dry and her pulse jumped to fight or flight speeds at his nearness. While her body wanted him to lift her up onto the machine and strip her down, her mind still ruled. Nipples reaching for his attention, they both knew she was wet and ready. Her scent would give her away. It was all she could do not to wrap her legs around his waist. Where was her B.O.B. when she needed it? Oh yeah, Ryan made her throw them all out saying he was all she was ever going to need. Well she needed something long, thick and very hard now and he wasn’t available. Zoey turned her head to the side, her hand pressed against Ryan’s unmoving pecs as his nose grazed her neck coming up within a hair's breadth from her lips.

“It’ll all be April fresh in thirty, Darlin’, be back then. Time enough to save the world?”

A growl filled the laundry room, but it wasn’t from the wolf. Zoey growled at the retreating back of the big bad wolf when he tugged a lock of her hair and winked at her all with that damnable smile on his face.

“I am going to kick your ass, Ryan, and save the world in thirty minutes,” she retorted before heading outside to pace. She had plans to make and put into place besides worrying about whether or not the wolf would ever truly apologize.

About the Authors

Hope Daniels:
International Best Selling Author Hope Daniels grew up in a small resort area in Michigan where she and her husband still live today. As the third child of four, she had an exhaustive imagination. From straddling the back-porch railing as a wild cowgirl, to saving the world as Wonder Woman complete with homemade bullet stopping bracelets. She was always taking what she read and making it as real as she could, now if she could just find the wolf shifter of her dreams…

Daniels loves to write in multiple genre which includes her short in the Amazon Bestselling Anthology Black Magic (A Women of Urban Fantasy Production), a Contemporary and YA short in the LDLInk Anthologies and a MM Gay Romance in the Encompass Ink’s All You Need Is Love Anthology, titled Always and Forever. She is also the co-author to the Magical Forces series books with Author Alicia Dawn.

Alicia Dawn:
Your average 9-5 workalcoholic that took care of every day business. After 10 long years of having no life, outside of home and work, she found Facebook as so many others had. Always having the passion, since she was in the fourth grade, to read and write, she got drawn into the Role Playing world. Living, via roleplay, a place where stories picked up and continued on even after the book was done. This was a whole new world.
Loving that the stories, she had devoured and loved to read were now never ending. She became captivated by all the tales that others with the same passion created, and Role Played out on Facebook. Getting drawn into something that she had never done before, but always in back of her mind wished she could do, Alicia started Role Playing on Facebook in 2010, meeting Nikita Jakz along the way, and many other fascinating people.
After a year, she decided to be an adventurist and create her own characters. Not unlike what all authors do, when creating those awesome books that she had coveted and devoured when they came out. Joining a group of independent writers. A lot of voices were yearning to be wrote and she got busy working on letting them out!
With four books self-published in paranormal and one in young adult, she is working on a new paranormal series with writing partner Hope Daniels.

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