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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Book Blitz: A Time-Traveler's Guide Through the Multiuniverse #promo #scifi #timetravel #romance #rabtbooktours @BookBuzznet @StevenMMoore4 @RABTBookTours

Science Fiction, Time Travel, Sci-fi Rom-com

Date Published: July 2020

Publisher: Carrick Publishing

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Enrico Fermi wasn’t the last physicist who was both an experimental and theoretical genius, but Professor Gail Hoff will never receive the Nobel Prize. She wants to travel through time but discovers she can only go forward. She goes time-traveling through several universes of the multiverse, never to return to her little lab outside Philly. Jeff Langley, her jack-of-all-trades electronics wizard, accompanies her.

Their escapades, both amorous and adventurous, make this sci-fi rom-com a far-out road-trip story filled with dystopian and post-apocalyptic situations, first encounter, robots and androids—all that and more await the reader who rides along.



About the Author

Steven M. Moore was born in California and has lived in various parts of the US and Colombia, South America. He always wanted to be a storyteller but had to postpone that dream to work in academia and R&D as a physicist. His travels around Europe, South America, and the US, for work or pleasure, taught him a lot about the human condition and our wonderful human diversity, a learning process that started during his childhood in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Steve is now a full-time writer who has written many sci-fi, mystery, and thriller novels, some of them contained in six series. He and his wife now live in Montclair, NJ, only thirteen miles west of the Lincoln Tunnel.

You can learn more about Steve and his books at his website: Use the contact page there to communicate with him…and to sign up for his email newsletter.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Book Blitz: What If? by Fran Lewis #promo #scifi #rabtbooktours @Franellena


Date Published: July 10, 2020

Publisher: Fidelli Publishing

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These are dark stories that will make you wonder, think and hopefully appreciate life if it ever gets back to normal again. Welcome to the worlds I created and learn about the odd relationships and people that experience life in ways you might not want to endure. What if your life was not your own? What if you had to conform to the laws and mores of others? Each story is unique unto itself and each will  give you pause for thought I hope as you enter the worlds I created.


About the Author

Fran Lewis is the host of MJ network on Blog talk radio and is a reviewer for most publishing companies. Just reviews is her sight. Fran is a reading and writing staff developer who worked with students for 36 years in a New York City Public School. She is a member Marquis Who’s Who, Cambridge Who’s Who and Who’s Who of America’s Professionals.



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Twitter: @Franellena



Instagram: @Berthatillie49


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Book Blitz: Chaos: Worlds Beyond by C.W. Holcomb #promo #fantasy #epicfantasy #giveaway #rabtbooktours @BookBuzznet

Reflections of Infinity, Book 1

Epic Fantasy


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Amid the power struggle for a vast Empire, a young boy is swept along with a Tribe of fearless warriors on their Quest to the Mystical uncharted Crimson World!

As young gods fall to the Worlds from the stars they are born in, appearing as comets streaking across the sky; sentient magical artifacts call to the minds of men: calling with images and promises of power from Wild Worlds. Massive and strange they hold gigantic monsters and wonders that are beyond the scope of the imaginations of the fearless Tribe of warriors that dare to magically travel to them!





Within the Obsidian Throne room of the

Imperial Palace



Primus Croatius! The men request your presence in the anteroom immediately! His First said, gasping in excitement. The young soldier spun around, his obsidian armor gleaming as he threw his arms out toward the door and the winding hall beyond, before turning and staring at his Primus, who also happened to be his hero coming up through the ranks, saying with a glint in his gray eyes: “my Leader, surely you have heard! The Emperor is DEAD!”

Primus Croatius slowly turned around to look at his underling, shaking his head with a deep sigh, his hazel eyes glancing down at the ground in demur melancholy, his Premerian obsidian armor clinking at the hinges over his large frame: softened slightly with Palace living in the past few weeks. Overall he thought he looked pretty good for a man of thirty eight sunstrokes, with not one single touch of gray in his thick wavy black hair.

“Why are you so enthused? Our Emperor died today.” He said getting up to walk with the First toward the door anyway. “My Leader, the chamberlains plan to place a mere child on the throne as an heir! Surely, you know what must be done my liege!” Primus Croatius stopped in his tracks, staring over at the man in consternation, narrowing his hazel eyes as he asked: “did you speak of this to the men?” The First looked away from his gaze, his face going red as he stuttered: “y-yes I spoke to them, and they are all behind you my Leader! He said, his deep set brown eyes pleading above his angular clean shaven face.

“Come now Lincian. You know as well as I that the imperial chamberlains will appoint one of their faction to sit the Obsidian Throne as Regent.” Croatius muttered bitterly, addressing the First by his name as the man pulled him insistently on down the ornate winding Kalemian shale corridors, the violet light streaming in from the windows from the bright blue midday sun, hanging in the bright green sky above, gleaming over the shale walls in all the shades of the rainbow.

As they approached the massive double doors to the assembly yard beyond, the air began to thrum with thousands of voices chanting as one beyond. Croatius stumbled to a stop suddenly, as he was finally able to make out what the assembled armies of the Empire were yelling through the door beyond. “I cannot do this Lincian! I cannot be the emperor all of you need!” He yelled running his hands down his face in anxiety as thousands of voices screamed out beyond, over and over again: “Croatius! Croatius! Croatius!” 3

He sat down with a huff leaning back against the doors in indecision with his head resting against the thick wooden doors, the vibrations from the chanting men rattling his skull as his First sank to one knee before him, reaching out to grasp his shoulder; squeezing it reassuringly as he said softly: “The men have chosen you my liege!” Primus Croatius looked up to meet the man’s intense gaze, his hazel eyes hardening in resolve.


About the Author

C.W. Holcomb's works are based on Ancient Myths and folklore. His first series is heavily based on Scottish Folklore of werebeasts that prowl the primordial forests in the distant past! The first novel of his newest series, Chaos: Worlds Beyond is inspired heavily by Greek Mythology; as well as works by well known authors such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien and Raymond E. Feist. The works are filled with passion and adventure on an epic scale where the lure of magical treasures incites the characters into traveling to strange and dangerous magical Worlds filled with Nightmarish monsters and sentient arcane artifacts!


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Tour Kick Off: Realms of Edenocht: The War Wizard by DS Johnson #blogtour #nowontour #giveaway #actionadventure #fantasy #rabtbooktours

Action Adventure Fantasy
Date Published: March 2020
Publisher: Rosecrest Publishing

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In a time of desperate measures, the Queen of the most powerful city in Edenocht threw the world into a fallen and broken state in an attempt to destroy the most powerful Necromancer the world has ever seen.  The once magically enhanced world is no more and the elemental beings that once inhabited it are gone. The only thing strong enough to bring it back is the ancient artifacts of the Sev-Rin-Ac-Lavah and the only one strong enough to use them is The War Wizard.
Edenochts only hope is a War Wizard, but none have been born in a millennium, until now. Hidden from the Necromancer in a time realm not his own, the future of the world resides in a barely grown man’s destiny. The War Wizards protectors did the best they could to prepare him without the use and teaching of his magic and Shaz must now quickly learn his true potential and battle the evils of the shadow world.
As a being which hold all the elements and the dreaded shadow magic, Shaz must find the descendants of the ancient magical races and the artifacts before the Necromancer does and the world of Edenocht’s future succumbs to the evil Shadow. 

DS Johnson is an artist, illustrator, entrepreneur, and author of the Realms of Edenocht series for Young Adults. With over a decade of writing Young Adult novels and graphic design and an avid online role-playing gamer, DS Johnson has years of experience in the art of fantasy make believe and a love for the genre of role playing games and has endeavored to bring to life in action adventure novel form the love of the game. With quotes like ‘WOW, now that was pleasantly unexpected!’ With the natural sense of leveling up your character and developing your skills, DS Johnson has successfully combined the art of fantasy and role playing in a remarkable series for young and old readers. Even if you’re not a role-playing gamer, you will find the books Realms of Edenocht utilizes the traditional, but exciting story telling techniques with skill and flare all readers will love. DS Johnson works from home and enjoys family life and the creative process.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Release Blitz: Podcast Authorized #promo #nonfiction #business #podcasting #giveaway #releaseday #rabtbooktours #eliteonlinepublishing @bookwriting1

Non-Fiction, Business, Podcasting

Date Published: Aug 12, 2020

Publisher: Elite Online Publishing

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Learn How to Build a High-Performance Podcast and Book That Can Yield Double-Digit Returns.

Over 50% of the homes are podcast fans! Podcasts are poised to eclipse traditional radio in listenership, and podcasts are opening the door to individuals, businesses, and celebrities alike to have their own show with no barrier to entry.

The smartest thing you can do as a business owner, expert and industry leader is to build a platform of raving fans.

One of the best and easiest ways to attract new buyers, clients, and fans to you is through a podcast and a book. Watch your business grow as you create unique, expert content.


With this expert advice, you’ll learn:

• How to get your book written, edited, and designed painlessly

• How to use your podcast to write your book

• What to do after your book is published to get maximum results

• How to turn your book into a podcast

• How to create a book promotion super-team (if no one gets the book, what’s the point...your super-team will get it into the right hands)

• How to 10x your referrals in 30-days using your book

• How to position your book to attract the right clients (this is critical and most authors miss the mark...they end up frustrated, with a book that collects dust)


This book sprung for from a podcast interview with Steve Gordon, who we had never met before. Because of our podcast Elite Expert Insider, we decided to do a webinar together which turned into this book. That’s the power of a podcast.

85 percent of listeners will hear all, or at least most of, each episode of your podcast!  If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, having a podcast and a book can give you opportunities and relationships your business never had before. This is a recipe for success when done right.

Learn how podcasting and having a book can profit your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level! Expert podcast secrets from Steve Gordon, The Unstoppable CEO Podcast. Expert book publishing insights from #1 Bestselling Authors Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson.


About the Authors

Jenn Foster is a fifteen-times bestselling author, one of today’s national leading digital marketing specialists, an award-winning web designer, and recipient of the esteemed “Quilly Award”. She is the Founder/Owner of Elite Online Publishing as well as Founder/CEO of Biz Social Boom. Jenn is dedicated to helping business owners boost their revenue and catapult their visibility to become business influencers.  Jenn is a graduate of Utah State University. She owned and operated a chain of successful retail stores. Jenn has been named one of America's Premier Experts® and is highlighted in the Dan Kennedy Book, Stand Apart. She was recently named one of “Utah’s Thought Leaders” in the book Innovate Utah by Global Village. Jenn is the co-host of Elite Expert Insider Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Jenn is a single mom, loves spending time with her three children and experiencing the great outdoors.


Melanie Churella Johnson is a fourteen-times bestselling author, she has owned and operated two TV stations in Houston and Dallas. She has been in front of and behind the camera, after she won the title of Miss Michigan and was first runner up to Miss America. She built and marketed the Houston Mansion and the Walloon Lake House. Melanie is currently the owner and founder of Elite Online Publishing that has made over 100 authors #1 bestsellers and Charity Auction Consignments which has raised almost $600,000 for nonprofits. Melanie is a co-host of the podcast Elite Expert Insider and was a TEDx speaker in 2016 in Sugarland Tx. Melanie graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in communications and was the first girl to receive a varsity letter in a boys sport in the state of Michigan. Melanie is the co-host of Elite Expert Insider Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. She is a single Mom raising her two sons, one of which was featured in the NY Times.


Steve Gordon became CEO of his first company at age 28. He's invested the last 20 years in the study and application of selling high-ticket services. He is the editor of four business newsletters read by thousands of CEOs, professional practitioners, entrepreneurs and sales pros around the world. Steve consults with businesses in 30 different industries, all selling high-ticket products and services in high trust selling environments. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife Erin and their four children.

Connect with Steve at and listen to free behind-the-scenes interviews with successful CEOs of small and mid-size companies...Discover how they found success and apply the lessons they learned to your business.


Contact Links


Facebook: @eliiteonlinepublishing

Twitter: @bookwriting1


Jenn Goodreads

Melanie Goodreads

Instagram: @eliteonlinepublishing


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Book Blitz: The Soul Collector by Laura Daleo #promo #fantasy #supernatural #suspense #excerpt #bookbuzz #rabtbooktours @BookBuzznet @AutLauraDaleo @RABTBookTours


Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Suspense

Publisher: Story Bound Publishing

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As I lay trapped inside this quiet realm,

My soul adrift, my body earthbound,

A magical book guards my flight,

Will it keep me safe till morning's light?


It begins with darkness. Are they dead, or trapped inside a horrible dream? No one can hear them, see them. Has the world forgotten them? Are they invisible? Not to the Soul Collector. They have stepped into her Kingdom, and she is waiting for them.


Chapter 1


The biggest boxing match of the season landed on a Friday the 13th. But a little thing like superstition had no effect on the newcomer, Jonathan Bayfield, and heavyweight champion, Lou Turlock. The fight fans agreed, stomping their feet while chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!” inside the packed, brightly lit arena. Sportscasters got up close and personal, claiming ringside seats for an in-your-face camera view.

Bayfield locked his gaze on his opponent, his right ear taking in Coach’s words.

“Go to the body. Don’t overreach. Straight punches. Got it?” Coach gripped Bayfield’s shoulder. “Hey, eyes on me. Don’t let him get inside your head.”

Bayfield looked at Coach, giving him a slow nod, then reverted his focus back to Turlock, transmitting a defiant “this fight is mine” glare.

Turlock reciprocated, taunting Bayfield with a “we’ll see” sneer.

The vein in Bayfield’s forehead pulsed, spreading a surge of heat through his body. A fist to the gut. That would show the arrogant prick he had something to worry about, rattled through his mind. The ringside bell shattered Bayfield’s thoughts, bouncing him to his feet. Turlock came out swinging, and Bayfield pivoted while throwing a right hook, catching the corner of Turlock’s jaw. Turlock countered, landing a jab to Bayfield’s chest. The blow forced the air from Bayfield’s lungs, his body folding in half. But he quickly sprang upright, shaking off the sting, and fired off several consecutive punches straight into Turlock’s gut.

Turlock wobbled back and the crowd roared, shouting, “Way to go, Bayfield!” Bayfield bounced back and forth on his feet, tapping his gloves to the crowd’s cheers.

Turlock’s own pulse battered against his eardrums. Where was the respect? He was a champion, and these morons had the nerve to cheer for a nobody, some kid who’d happened to land himself a good manager. Adrenaline tipped the scales on the fighter’s rationality. Cognitive thought ceased. The whites of his eyes blazed as he hurtled his body like a weapon, slamming his skull against the kid’s.

A crackling of bones ricocheted inside the ring, causing an eerie silence to fall over the area, before shouts from the crowd came from all sides. The ref barged in, spewing spit as he held Turlock back. Turlock’s gaze traveled over the ref’s shoulder, colliding with the kid’s vacant stare. He knew that look; like no one was home. He’d seen it in his grandpa’s eyes before he’d taken his last breath. An icy chill scurried down Turlock’s spine as the kid crumpled to the mat. Turlock stood still as medics, judges, and more refs flooded the ring, surrounding the kid’s lifeless body.

“I can’t find a pulse.”

“Start compressions.”

Coach pushed his way through the chaos to Bayfield. “Jonathan, can you hear me?” Coach’s voice shook. “Stay…” He blew out a breath. “Stay with me, buddy.”

Bayfield’s eyelids flew open, and with one push, he was on his feet. A weird and wonderful lightness affected his body, which made no sense, being as he weighed 200 pounds. Sounds rushed back, bouncing against his eardrums and forming words—Coach’s words.

“Hold on, Jonathan. The ambulance is on its way.”

Bayfield focused his attention on Coach. “Ambulance?”

“Just hold on. 

Bayfield laughed. “What are you talking about? Coach, I’m standing right behind you. Turn around.”

Coach made no attempt, his focus centered on something in front of him.

Bayfield’s tone rose an octave. “Coach, what gives?”

No answer came, not from Coach, nor from any of the other people hovering around him.

Bayfield skimmed the faces of the crowd, searching for a clue or hint to enlighten him on what the hell was happening. Why was everyone ignoring him?

“Step aside, people,” security broadcasted with authority, herding the crowd back. “Let the paramedics through.”

“Paramedics? Who got hurt?” Bayfield’s gaze darted to Turlock, where men in dark blue suits surrounded him, escorting him toward the locker room. Bayfield let his gaze grow distant. He had no memory of the fight ending, and his boxing gloves were missing. No one acknowledged him. None of it made sense. He gave his head a good shake. “Gotta be an explanation for all this.” As his vision cleared, it centered on the paramedics rolling a lifeless body away on a stretcher—his body!

His brain skidded to a stop—no pause, no rewind, no press play. Just a complete stop. Was he being punk’d? Was this some kind of sick joke? His gaze followed the stretcher, catching the tail end of it slipping inside the ambulance. Coach followed, his hands running through his salt and pepper hair. The look of sheer terror etched across Coach’s pale face slammed against Bayfield’s brain. This was no joke. This was real, and that ambulance was about to take off with his body.

Bayfield launched across the ring, catapulting over the ropes and sailing inside the ambulance seconds before the doors closed and the siren sang out. He plopped down next to Coach, his gaze transfixed on his own body lying across from him. One massive, purplish bruise swallowed up his bloodied forehead. Bayfield couldn’t explain it—couldn’t understand it. “I’m sitting here, but also lying there. How is that possible?” In a momentary shift, his eyes found Coach’s, thirsty for an answer. None came. The silence sent a chill down Bayfield’s spine.

A paramedic with tattoos blazing down his arms informed, “Got a pulse,”—his intense blue eyes narrowed—“but it’s thready.”

The paramedic behind the wheel, sprouting a six o’clock shadow, lobbed a reply over his shoulder. “Letting dispatch know we’re five minutes out.”

Coach gripped his hands, squeezing the blood from his knuckles. “Getting a pulse, even a weak one, is a good thing, right?”

The tattooed paramedic waited a good minute before saying, “For now, yes.”

About the Author

LAURA DALEO is the author of five books. She is best known for her storytelling of the vampiric persuasion. Her most recent work, The Vampire Within, is the third book in her Immortal Kiss series. The series is an interesting twist on the Egyptian pantheon being the original vampires. Her current project, The Doll, is her first sci fi tale, with a touch of mystery. She lives in sunny San Diego, California, with her three dogs, Stuart, Morgan, and Dexter.


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Cover Reveal: The Cold War Begins by Roger L. Liles #promo #coverreveal #historicalfiction #rabtbooktours


Second Volume of the Berlin Tunnel Trilogy

Historical Fiction

To Be Published: September 8, 2020

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From Amazon bestsellers list author Roger L. Liles comes the second volume of his Cold War trilogy—THE COLD WAR BEGINS. The setting is war-ravaged Berlin in late 1946. Spies from both sides begin to move with relative ease throughout a Germany occupied by British, French, American and Russian military forces. Kurt Altschuler, our hero, soon becomes one of them.

While working behind enemy lines as an OSS agent in France during World War II, Kurt learns that intelligence collection involves both exhilarating and dangerous encounters with the enemy. He relished every moment he spent as part of the vanguard confronting the Nazis.

That war has been over for 18 months when he is offered a job as a CIA deep-cover agent in the devastated and divided city of Berlin. He jumps at the opportunity, but is concerned that his guise as an Associated Press News Agency reporter will offer little action. He need not worry. Soon, he is working undercover, deep inside of Russian-controlled southeastern Germany. Eventually, KGB agents waylay him and tear his car and luggage apart. His chauffeur is beaten. He is threatened with prison, torture and death.

Enter Erica Hoffmann, a very attractive, aspiring East German archeology student. Any relationship between an undercover CIA agent and an East German woman is strictly forbidden; she might be a KGB or Stasi agent or operative. But he cannot help himself—he has fallen hard for her. Kurt strives assiduously to maintain their tempestuous, star-crossed relationship.

Eventually, Kurt works to counter the efforts of Russian and East German spies, especially a mole who is devastating Western Intelligence assets throughout Europe. He also must work to identify and expose enemy spies who have penetrated the very fabric of the West German government and society. He frequently observes to others that: “the spy business is like knife fighting in a dark closet; you know you’re going to be cut up, you just don’t know how bad.”

About the Author

Roger L. Liles decided he had to earn a living after a BA and graduate studies in Modern European History. He went back to school and eventually earned an MS in Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1970.

In the 1960s, he served as an Air Force Signals Intelligence Officer in Turkey and Germany and eventually lived in Europe for a total of eight years. He worked in the military electronics field for forty years—his main function was to translate engineering jargon into understandable English and communicate it to senior decision-makers in the government.

Now retired after working for forty years as a senior engineering manager and consultant with a number of aerospace companies, he spends his days writing. His first novel, which was published in late 2018 was titled The Berlin Tunnel—A Cold War Thriller. His second novel The Cold War Begins was published in late 2020 and is the second volume in his planned The Cold War Trilogy. This trilogy is based on extensive research into Berlin during the spy-versus-spy era which followed World War II and his personal experience while living and working in Europe. He is in the process of writing its third volume of the trilogy which will be titled The Berlin Tunnel—Another Crisis and takes the story into 1962 and the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis.


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