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Book Blitz: Gotcha! by Ed. Weinberger #promo #politicalfiction #politics #adultpolitical #fiction #rabtbooktours @BublishMe


Adult Political Fiction

Date Published: 10-13-2020

Hurry. If you’re wondering what’s happening behind the scenes in Trump’s White House right now, then read the hilarious new novel GOTCHA! Inside Trump's 2020 Campaign by nine-time Emmy Award-winning writer Ed. Weinberger. This book couldn’t be timelier, funnier, or more prescient.

Known for his work on such television sitcoms as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi, and The Cosby Show, comedy writer Weinberger takes readers on a wild ride beginning in Spring 2020 and culminating just after Inauguration Day, in January 2021.

After losing the election, Trump issues wild accusations about a rigged vote and firmly states, “I will remain your one and only President” as he hunkers down in the White House bunker refusing to leave.

Who can get him out? His fellow Republicans? The Justice Department? Read GOTCHA! for the uproarious answer.

By mixing fact and fiction, GOTCHA! is both an entertaining romp and a warning about what America might be facing as Inauguration Day approaches.

About the Author

Ed. Weinberger, who has written for such diverse comedians as Bob Hope and Johnny Carson (for five years on The Tonight Show), began his career in the early ’60s with Dick Gregory. He wrote and produced for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, co-created Taxi, Dear John, and The Cosby Show. He also executive produced and created Amen, Sparks, and Good News. Honors include three Golden Globe Awards, a Peabody, and nine Emmy Awards. In 2000, he received The Writer’s Guild of America Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the author of the one-man play A Man and His Prostate, which starred Ed Asner and toured nationally for five years. In 2017, he co-authored the book The Grouchy Historian, published by Simon & Schuster.

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Book Blitz: Cuttle by Chelsea Britain #promo #womensfiction #literaryfiction #fiction #rabtbooktours @BookBuzznet


Women's Fiction, Literary Fiction

Published: September 2020

Publisher: Bleau Press

Nora Novak knows cuttlefish.

Actually, Nora knows a lot of species. She can name every shark, whale, eel, and Ohioian turtle (among others).

She's not as committed with humans.

But she's only been in her lab for a little over a decade. How much could she have missed?

As she's wrapping up her postdoc, Nora's carefully-balanced ecosystem is in crisis. Her maze-navigating cuttlefish are retiring. Polyester shorts are no longer "in." Somewhere along the line, she forgot to learn how to date.

So she does what any self-actualizing biologist in her early thirties would. Nora Novak embraces the #FOMO.

Praise for Cuttle:

"Insanely good" -Literary Titan

"You won't want to miss a single sentence." -Independent Book Review

"Cuttle glows with interest and graceful writing." -Foreword Reviews

"Hilariously astute...brimming with heart" -Indies Today

"Quirky and clever...perfectly in tune" -Reader's Favorite

"Poetic, captivating...a romance steeped in a vibrant personality's introspective genius." -Midwest Book Review

"Britain's writing is both assured and full of heart...a rollicking fun read." -The Praries

About The Author

Chelsea Britain loves critters of all kinds. She hopes to meet a representative of each of the living shark species one day...but some of them aren't very cooperative, and she can't really swim. Cuttle is her first novel. Visit her at

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Tour Kick Off: Death in Champagne Shores by Amie Denman #blogtour #nowontour #giveaway #cozymystery #mystery #rabtbooktours @amiedenman

A Champagne Shores Cozy Mystery, book 2

Cozy Mystery

Date Published: November 20, 2020

Champagne Shores, Florida, is a beach town in need of a paint job.

What it doesn’t need…is a murder.

Champagne Shores, Florida, is poised to become a tourist magnet, but a murder in the marina threatens the town’s sunny reputation. Sure, the marina’s owner had been a thorn in the local chamber of commerce’s side, but he hadn’t really made serious enemies…had he?

Millie Silver wants her True Colors Paint Store to inspire a makeover for her hometown, and she’s busy leading the Champagne Shores Revitalization Committee. But when she and her dog Sunshine discover the body of the marina’s owner, they find themselves on the trail of a murderer. The clues and suspects stack up and include an estranged wife, surly fishermen, and a flashy group of treasure hunters flaunting the Spanish gold they find offshore.

While the town repaints and reinvents itself using Millie’s color inspiration, Millie recruits her family and friends to help the police chief uncover secrets, grudges, and even sunken treasure along the Florida coast.

Amie Denman lives in a small town in Ohio with her husband and sons. She has published more than 40 novels—romance, mystery, and women’s fiction. When she's not reading or writing, she's walking and running outside. The victim of a lifetime of curiosity, she's chased fire trucks on her bicycle just to see what's going on. Amie believes that everything is fun: especially roller coasters, wedding cake, and falling in love.

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Tour Kick Off: Prey for Me by John Casti #nowontour #blogtour #psychological #thriller #giveaway #rabtbooktours

A Psychological Thriller

Date Published: September 15th, 2020

Publisher: The X-Press     

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Who wins and who loses when you’re playing with other people’s money... and their emotions?

World-renowned scientist Victor Safir can’t resist his inexplicable attraction to Alex Lynne, a brilliant, beautiful financier—but his addiction to her may drive him over the edge. Thrust together as unlikely partners in the high-stakes world of London finance, their game of seduction might prove riskier than any business deal.

Victor begins to suspect that Alex is behind the sinister actions involving others in the firm, and might have an insatiable appetite for dangerous games. Is she using his desire to her advantage? Or is Victor destined to become another victim?

In a work that is equal parts thriller, intrigue, and exotic travelogue, Prey for Me weaves the power players of the financial world with the realm of top academia to craft a mystery that will keep the reader guessing.

Praise for John Casti's Paradigm Lost


"A Deep and careful pleasant consideration of what science is and how it is done. It would make anyone want to be a scientist." --Isaac Asimov

"Extraordinary...brought off with considerable erudition...absorbing reading" --Kirkus Reviews


 Praise for John Casti's X-Events


"I am assiduous reader of John Casti's books. He is a real scientific intellectual." --Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan

"One of America's greatest pioneers of simulation." --London Times

"Casti is at his best in presenting difficult philosophical ideas enthusiastically and lucidly, and in presenting everyday examples to illustrate them...Entertaining and absorbing." --NY Times Book Review

"Dazzling ... A delightful tour de force ... Casti [is] a good teacher." --LA Times

John Casti is an author, mathematician, and entrepreneur. John has written more than 120 scientific articles and seven technical monographs and textbooks on mathematical modeling. Prey for Me is his first novel.

Isaac Asimov said of Casti, “A Deep and careful pleasant consideration of what science is and how it is done. It would make anyone want to be a scientist."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls him “a real scientific intellectual." 


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Tour Kick Off: Sassy Saguaros by Steve Ryan #blogtour #nowontour #humor #photography #arizona #rabtbooktours @SassySaguaros @mkwebsiteandseo


Humor, Arizona, Plants/Trees, Photography

Date Published: August 26, 2020

Publisher: Mindstir Media


Steve Ryan spent months hiking and biking the beautiful Southwest Sonoran Desert, suffering more flat tires than he can count in his search for Saguaros that had something to "say". Sassy Saguaros features the photographs he took of the most interesting subjects--based on their looks and personalities--and the hilarious captions he added (Steve is also a part-time comedian).

These desert dwellers--which often weigh several tons and can live up to 200 years--are brought to life in the wonderful, wacky world of Sassy Saguaros. Get ready to laugh out loud and see how "human" this giant cactus can be!

 Steve Ryan, explorer and photographer, has lived in the Sonoran Desert for over 40 years. Steve is now retired and devoted to sharing the beauty-and “sass”-of the famous Saguaro cactus.

Steve Ryan spent years hiking and biking the beautiful Southwest Sonoran Desert, suffering more flat tires than he can count in his search for Saguaros that had something to say. Sassy Saguaros features the photographs he took of the most interesting subjects-based on their looks and personalities-and the hilarious captions he added. These desert dwellers-which often weigh several tons and can live up to 200 years-are brought to life in the wonderful, wacky world of Sassy Saguaros. Get ready to laugh out loud and see how “human” this giant cactus can be!

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Tour Kick Off: The Book of Bastards by Ransom Stephens #blogtour #nowontour #giveaway #fantasy #rabtbooktours @ransomstephens


Date Published: January 14, 2021

Publisher: The Intoxicating Page

Welcome to The Gold Piece Inn, where you can drink, gamble, and play!

Or hide.

Cursed on the day the king is assassinated, Dewey Nawton is compelled to protect the widowed queen, but protection means different things to different people (and different curses).

Kings have dictated every role Queen Dafina has ever played. Now, a halfling innkeeper assigns her the role of serving lass. But is The Gold Piece Inn just another tavern? Could it be an orphanage? … surely, it’s not a brothel.

Oh yes, she’s fallen from grace, but will that stop her from leading a handful of pirates and a dozen bastards to avenge her king and rescue Glandaeff’s faeries, elfs, and mermaids (and merbutlers!) from a brutal tyrant?

Dewey has a secret. Dafina has a secret. The Bastards have two secrets.

Is there even a sip of moral justice in all this bawdiness?

Early Reviews

The Book of Bastards combines a riveting, intense plot of righteous vengeance with tongue-in-cheek banter that will keep you turning the page with eager anticipation. With settings that make you wish they were real, characters you can't help but cheer for, and twists that keep you guessing, Ransom Stephens has crafted an engaging tale that makes every minute of reading, time well spent. I don't often reread a book, but I think I'll make an exception. Loads of fun. Highly recommended. – Brian D Anderson, million-selling author of The Bard and the Blade

A delightful, detailed tale about morality, being honest with yourself, and self-reflection, even when you don’t like what the glass has to show. A perfect treat for lovers of rich fantasy worldbuilding, gory battles, and the kind of thoughtful, character-driven stories that make your brain whirl, your imagination dance, and your heart surge.” -J.M. Frey, bestselling author of The Accidental Turn Series

Ransom Stephens has searched for the Holy Grail in Cornwall and Wales but settled for a cracked coffee mug. He’s won several awards, but they’ve all been named after people he’d never heard of which made for awkward acceptance speeches. The author of four previous novels on simple, non-controversial topics like science vs religion in The God Patent, technology vs environmentalism in The Sensory Deception, oligarchy vs anarchy in The 99% Solution, and love vs money in Too Rich to Die, in his latest, The Book of Bastards, he offers readers what they really want, a story of bawdiness washed down with a sip of moral justice.

I’m a fairly accomplished scientist and technologist, all the details at

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