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Monday, September 21, 2020

Release Blitz: Making the Switch by Tara Eldana #promo #steamy #romance #releaseday #excerpt #bookbuzz @BookBuzznet @taraeldana

Kinklink, Book Two

Romance, Steamy Romance

Date Published: September 22, 2020


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Kristin Meadows loves her nights at KinkLink. The club is her outlet to release her desires and as a domme she anticipates the play — controlling her sub, gaining their trust, their loyalty. She loves it all. So why in the heck is she panting after her best friend’s husband’s brother? Yeah, the guy equaled sex on a stick but he was no more a sub than she was, and two doms don’t play. And to top it all off, the father she never knew she had, turns out to be a thug and suddenly wants to spend quality time with his daughter? Who needs a father figure now? All she’s trying to figure out is why she can’t get Ryan Boynton out of her head!

Ryan Boynton is struggling with his role. Having been a sub the last years and being pushed to his limits he realized the lie he’d been living all this time. He was happy for his brother, he got the girl — and he wasn’t even missing the sharing they used to play, but he did miss his brother’s wife’s friend, the hot babe he fell for at their wedding. But there’s one problem. Neither of them were subs . Neither of them were true doms. So what the hell were they? All Ryan knew, is that it’s time to find out — and that there will be a lot more switching going on.

Sometimes finding the love of your life is all about making a switch.


CAUTION: Alpha hero, bad-boy romance that’s utterly addictive and outrageously satisfying.

Other Books in the Kinklink Series:

Taking the Lead

Kinklink, Book One

Published: January 2020

Two brothers awakened a desire she’d never known… But it’s only one who steals her heart.


CAUTION: Alpha hero, bad-boy romance that’s utterly addictive and outrageously satisfying.


“I love the way this amazing author brings the characters to life before your eyes and makes you feel their emotions .... I can hardly wait to see what's next…” ~ 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer

Jessa Andrews is a top reporter at the city’s premiere newspaper. She loves her job, but as of late she’s been plagued with frequent, debilitating headaches. Jessa lives alone, her mother recently died of cancer, she decides it is time to know more about her past, so she hires a private investigator to help her find her father. Little does she realize it is a two for one deal and the instant attraction she has to the Boynton brothers is reciprocated. As the three work together on her case they become very close. The twins introduce her to a world unknown to her with whips and cuffs and crosses that have nothing to do with religion. As Jessa learns more about the kink they play, more about herself, more about them, her health continues to decline. When she’s about to unveil her family’s secrets, things heat up and jealousy between the men intensifies. It’s then Jessa realizes that it is time to choose between the brothers — because she knows now, she can’t have them both.

Reece and Ryan Boynton have supported one another through thick and thin, it’s what identical twins do. Having the same taste in women, it’s not unusual for them to share, but when they meet Jessa the men know immediately there is something about her that is different. For the first time, Reece and Ryan have strong disagreements and as one brother’s bond deepens the other is left questioning everything he thought he knew about himself and his brother. When Jessa undergoes neurological surgery, both men are there to support her. Now its up to Jessa to decide who she wants to be with — and neither of them plan on making her decision easy…

Does she choose to love one, or let them both go?

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    THE AIR IN her mother’s backyard was sticky for early September. “I wrote you a poem,” Kristin’s mother, Doris, said. Kristin’s nerves, shaky at best when she was near her mother, ramped into overdrive.

    Doris’ poems were lumps of her mother’s morality of iambic pentameter. They all followed the theme that she feared Kristin, the daughter she labored for eight hours to give birth to, then raised alone, would be going straight to hell, unless she followed Doris’ dictums on how to live her life.

    Kristin scanned the lines her mother wrote, bracing herself. Titled “Shifting Winds,” Doris compared the twists and turns of life to soft, gusting and steady winds. How it was best to stay on a good path and not let raging winds divert you from your goals. All in all, not as judgmental as others had been – and Kristin shared little with her mother about her love life or lack thereof.

    What her mom didn’t know, was that she was a card-carrying member of and that she planned to attend an event that night.


About the Author

Tara Eldana is a very recently retired, multi-award-winning staff writer for a weekly community newspaper chain in metro Detroit. She will now turn her full-time attention to writing stories with HEA or HFN endings.

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Tour Kick Off: Missing Colors by Lana Orndorff #blogtour #fiction #giveaway #nowontour #rabtbooktours

General Fiction

Date Published: August 25, 2020

 Publisher: Three South Press

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Friends since childhood, Logan Ritter and Hunter James are now only held together by family ties and a history of codependency. Logan is a doctoral student and teacher who wraps himself in work, Hunter's parents, and his other long-time friend, Missy. Meanwhile, Hunter, struggling to balance his summer undergraduate courses, a part-time job, and his ever-increasing alcoholism, becomes obsessed with a misguided young woman he's never met. As their university town experiences unprecedented fear in the summer of 2002, each man’s life becomes blurred by self-absorption, assumptions, and full-on delusions. When faced with some undeniable truths, Logan and Hunter must decide how to untangle themselves from the false realities to which they've been clinging.


Lana Orndorff works as a freelance writer and lives in Chicago with her husband and son. Missing Colors is her debut novel. As a reader and writer, she prefers beautifully tragic stories that fracture her heart. Because of this, her husband rarely takes her book recommendations.


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Tour Kick Off: Against My Better Judgement by B.T. Polcari #blogtour #nowontour #mystery #youngadult #newadult #giveaway #rabtbooktours @btpolcari

Mauzzy and Me Mystery, Book 1

Mystery, New Adult, Young Adult

Date Published: September 16, 2020

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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When freshman year at the University of Alabama draws to a close, Sara Donovan finds herself grappling with the same old question—listen to her head or follow her heart. What she ends up doing is purchasing an Egyptian

souvenir funerary mask, and after a mysterious phone call, she's certain a ring of antiquities smugglers are operating in Tuscaloosa.

With finals never far from her mind and her return to 'Bama hanging in the balance, she should be studying. Instead she launches her own investigation to prove her mask is indeed a stolen artifact, and not a cheap trinket. When it comes time to snoop, Sara is more than ready, or at least she was until a hot new teaching assistant moves in next door.

Suddenly she learns things are never as they seem. Ever.

After a long career as a business executive, B.T. Polcari tried to retire. Spoiler alert: he's really bad at retirement. Bowling, tennis, and sailing can only keep you busy for so long, so B.T. is now pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a published author.


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Tour Kick Off: Worth the Struggle by Dr. Althea L. Phillips #blogtour #christian #nonfiction #spiritualgrowth #nowontour #rabtbooktours @drlphillips


Christian, Spiritual growth, Christian mentorship

Date Published: Sept 15, 2020

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press


Worth the Struggle is designed to help followers of Jesus Christ become more aware of how living life with purpose relates to achieving their destiny. This is an encouraging spiritual handbook based on the author’s journey through personal transformation to live life with purpose. The author shares how she learned that struggle is an integral part of the process of finding purpose and fulfilling each person’s destiny—what it truly means to walk by faith, not by sight. Worth the Struggle presents profound insights about how you too can walk by faith in the reality that “this is the day that the Lord has made” and gain a new way of seeing destiny.



Dr. Althea L. Phillips, a native New Yorker, is a mother of eight children and a grandmother of ten. Her academic studies include a bachelor of science in nursing from Liberty University, a legal nurse consultant certificate from Kaplan University, a master of science in nursing from Walden University, and a doctorate of nursing practice from Walden University. Dr. Phillips currently resides in South Chesterfield, Virginia. Her most recent published book, The Need for Transformation, focused on the transformative influence of and journey to the presence of God.


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Tour Kick Off: Summer of L.U.C.K.

Middle-Grade Contemporary Fantasy

Published Date: 9-15-20

Publisher: INtense Publications LLC

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Stuttering Darby is never perfect enough for her mother. Justin's been silent since his dad died. Naz is struggling to learn English. But after they meet at summer camp, mysterious calliope music from an abandoned warehouse grants them power to communicate without words. When they sneak inside, the dark, empty space bursts into a magical carnival. They're greeted by the ghost of Leroy Usher, who asks for their help convincing his family to restore the carnival to its former glory. In return, he promises to teach the kids how to find their voices. As Darby, Justin, and Naz are swept off on a series of midnight adventures via Mr. Usher's carnival rides, they discover they're capable of more than they ever imagined. With each challenge, their confidence in communicating – and in themselves – grows. Meanwhile, they scheme to persuade the Usher family to revive the carnival. But when Darby’s bunkmates trick her into starring in the camp talent show, her budding confidence falters. Can she risk being less than perfect by performing in the show and speaking up to Mr. Usher's resistant son? If not, she'll put the carnival in danger and sabotage her most important quest: to believe in herself, stutter and all.



Laura Segal Stegman grew up with parents who valued reading, and she still finds herself spellbound by middle grade fiction. Some of her favorites, then and now, are The Diamond in the Window, Ellen Tebbits, All of A Kind Family, Wonder, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and The Miraculous. As a writer, her non-fiction credits include collaboration on the travel book Only in New York, and her feature stories have appeared in Los Angeles Times and Westways Magazine, among others. A long-time publicist, she has represented numerous arts organizations. Summer of L.U.C.K. is her debut novel.

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Twitter: @LauraStegman

Instagram: laura_stegman





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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Release Blitz: Hell & Back by Julie Rowe #promo #romanticsuspense #giveaway #entangledpublishing #rabtbooktours @EntangledPub @julieroweauthor

Outbreak Task Force, Book #5

Romantic Suspense

Date Published: 9/21/2020

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

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Racing to lock down the CDC's deadly virus samples from terrorists, ex-Special Forces medic Henry Lee partners with Ruby Toth on the Outbreak Task Force. But the terrorists always seem one step ahead. As they work side by side, Henry's taken with how Ruby accepts and respects him, instead of pitying him for all he lost overseas, including his leg. Ruby's hiding something, though, and Henry fears she's been leaking sensitive information. Terrorists have kidnapped her brother, and now microbiologist Ruby Toth faces a horrible choice. If she doesn't give them a vial of Small Pox as ransom, her brother will die. She knows her prickly—yet very hot—boss, Henry, could provide the help she needs. But she joined the CDC to root out insiders plotting to unleash a bio-engineered pandemic, and she can't trust anyone. Not even Henry.




About time he called her. Where the hell was he?

She answered the phone with, “Where have you been?”

“Your brother is with us, Miss Toth,” a distorted voice said. “If you don’t do everything we tell you to do, you’ll never see him in one piece again.”

A cold fist punched her in the stomach, and she was standing without recalling how she got there. The cold pushed its way through her body, weakening her knees until she collapsed back onto the chair she’d been sitting on.

“Who is this?”

“You know who we are.” The distortion made it impossible to discern if the voice was male or female. “Your brother is healthy. For the moment.”

Assholes. Anger freed her diaphragm from its icy cage. She harnessed the energy and rode it, breaking it down into something useful. Patience.

Watch, wait, listen, then act. She’d learned the hard way not to let her emotions hijack her mouth. To get along with difficult people, you had to figure out what they wanted and what they didn’t before you spoke.

What kind of response would a bunch of terrorists who’d kidnapped her brother want from her? Defeat, not defiance. Compliance, not confidence. She needed to make them believe she’d do whatever they told her to do.

“Please don’t hurt him. Wh-what do you want?” There was enough adrenaline surging through her system it wasn’t hard to stutter and breathe a little too hard. To sound like she was on the edge of panic.

“A live sample of smallpox.” Despite the distortion, the voice sounded self-satisfied. Arrogant. Superior. For a moment, she couldn’t quite believe what she heard.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Get it or your brother dies.”

“How do I know he’s not already dead?” Her voice broke on the last word.


About the Author

Full-time author and workshop facilitator, Julie Rowe’s first career as a medical lab technologist in Canada took her to the North West Territories and Fort McMurray, Alberta, where she still resides. Her most recent titles include Search & Destroy book #4 of the Outbreak Taskforce series and Trapped with the Secret Agent book #1 of the Trapped with Him series. Julie’s articles have appeared in magazines, such as Romantic Times Magazine, Today's Parent magazine and Canadian Living. Julie facilitates communication workshops at Keyano College in Fort McMurray, and has presented writing workshops at conferences in the United States and Canada. You can find her at , on Twitter @julieroweauthor or at her Facebook page:

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