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Cover Reveal: Moby Plays the Flute by Eeha Bhatt #promo #childrensbook #coverreveal #comingsoon #rabtbooktours @LlcTabletop


Children's Fiction / Contemporary

Date Published: 09-20-2022

Publisher: Tabletop Publishing


Moby Plays the Flute is a heartwarming story of a young girl who learns the importance of perseverance and hard work after her father, a U.S. Marine, must leave home for a year. His last parting gift, a simple flute, becomes the tool that will ultimately show Moby what hard work is and how it can pay off BIG time.

This is more than just a children’s picture book. This story is relatable to kids of all ages as they learn, grow, and find the things in life that they are passionate about. Passion does not come without effort; something all kids learn at some point in their lives. Find out how Moby finds her passion and her resilience in Moby Plays the Flute.

About the Author

Eeha Bhatt devoted herself to writing and drawing during her school years. Many of her stories were selected for the school magazine as well as many drawings for the kid’s exhibition organized by Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University.

Ever since she aspired to write stories for children and convey the messages to be better with each step towards betterment. Her stories are based upon her own experiences in life, that have helped her to always move forward. She writes to tell this message to all of the kids out there.

Eeha Bhatt is a self-taught part-time artist and a full-time Japanese language interpreter/translator and teacher. She graduated from the Visva Bharati University (University in India opened by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and also where Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen comes from) with a degree in Japanese Language. She completed her Masters in Japanese Language from Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2012.

Bhatt has published her artwork in Dragonfly Hopeworks's 2018 magazine of Howards County, Maryland, US. She has won an exhibition opportunity in Greenbelt Arts Center, MD, US, and an award for a Tsunami Picture collage/story at Kizuna India organized by Japan. She is currently located in Dallas, Texas, aspiring to be a full-time artist and story writer.

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Release Blitz: Mise en Place by Marisa Mangani #promo #releaseday #giveaway #memoir #rabtbooktours @MarisaMingo77



Date Published: August 16, 2022

Publisher: River Grove Books

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Marisa’s comfort zone is deep inside the restaurant kitchen alongside its dysfunctional characters and the abundance of booze and drugs.

But in the nineteen-seventies, girls baked or made salads. The heat and machismo of the hot line was not a place for a girl with a passion for food and the drive to be the best.

From Hawaii, to Portland and New Orleans, she struggles  with her own shyness and the limited expectations for the only female in the kitchen. She finally becomes Chef, successfully managing high-volume restaurants at three World’s Fairs, but something is missing.

Still searching, as a burnt-out chef, she embarks on another male-dominated career.

Mise en Place —Memoir of a Girl Chef is a story about the determination to succeed in the face of personal handicaps and cultural norms.

“Mangani charts a deep dive through the roots of our modern American food obsession with a highly personal tale of memory, character, flavor, and place.” —Ian McNulty, Food Writer, The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate


About the Author

MARISA MANGANI was born and raised in Hawaii and cooked her way to Portland, New Orleans Vancouver and Australia. She now resides in Florida where she runs her own commercial kitchen design company, Mise en Place Design. She is one of the eight featured chefs in Thrillist’s “Why 8 Top Chefs Quit the Kitchen.”

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Release Blitz: The Courtesan and Mr. Hyde by Catherine Stein #promo #releaseday #historical #steampunk #historical #rabtbooktours @catsteinbooks @BookBuzznet


Mad Scientists Society, Book 1

Historical Romance, Steampunk Romance

Date Published: August 16, 2022

Publisher: Steam Cat Press

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Sometimes the path to true love is a walk on the wicked side.

Dr. Henry Jekyll has—almost—always lived by the rules. Hoping to improve society by separating a person’s good and evil halves, Hal tests an experimental potion on himself. When the drug lowers his usual inhibitions, Hal crashes a high-class party, downs a strong drink, and propositions a sophisticated courtesan. All in the name of science, of course.

Calliope Finch needs only six more months as a glamorous mistress to earn enough to open the library of her dreams. So when Callie meets the awkward, bookish party crasher calling himself Mr. Hyde, she knows nothing can come of it. Not when his curious charm and unfailing honesty come at the expense of his bank account. All she can spare him is a kiss—and maybe one night.

Spurred on by their unwavering attraction, Hal and Callie soon become friends and scientific collaborators. But Callie’s list of potential protectors is dwindling, Hal’s potion might not be the solution he hopes, and a mysterious enemy is making mischief at every turn. With their goals slipping ever further from reach, Hal and Callie must put their minds and hearts to the test. Even if it means freeing sides of themselves they’ve long kept hidden.



She needed to get back to work. Nothing could come of wasting her time flirting with this mysterious party-crasher. No matter how intriguing he was.

“It is quite the extravagant affair,” the man said. His gaze fixed on Callie, sweeping up and down her body. “I’m glad I came. Mr. Ackner’s stoves may be second-rate, but his guests certainly are not.” Again, his face twitched a bit. Callie had the impression he wasn’t accustomed to speaking so boldly. Perhaps the alcohol had loosened his tongue.

She tried to quash her curiosity. It was time to move on. She glanced around, seeking potential wealthy lovers. That bastard Hinsberg caught her eye and gave her a wink. Callie quickly turned her gaze away. She could overlook the fact that he was twice her age, but he was cold and cruel, and that was entirely unacceptable.

She took hold of the party-crasher’s arm and steered him toward the exit, telling Hinsberg without words she was otherwise occupied. The young man flinched at her touch but didn’t try to pull away, allowing her to lead him out into the hall.

“Are we headed to a private chamber for amorous purposes?” he asked, a hopeful note in his voice. He thrust a hand into a pocket. “I brought coins. How much do your services cost?”

Callie shook her head, trying not to laugh at his bizarre naivety. “More than you have.”

“Oh.” His shoulders slumped.

Callie tossed back the remainder of her champagne and set the empty glass on a decorative table in the middle of the corridor. Ackner could pay for new furniture if it left rings. Her companion looked down at his own half-finished drink, then shrugged and discarded it.

“Perhaps a small subset of your services?” he offered. “I have…” He made a quick check. “Two dollars and forty-seven cents.”

 About the Author

Award-winning author Catherine Stein believes that everyone deserves love and that Happily Ever After has the power to help, to heal, and to comfort. She writes sassy, sexy romance set during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Her books are full of action, adventure, magic, and fantastic technologies.

Catherine lives in Michigan with her husband and three rambunctious kids. She loves steampunk and Oxford commas, and can often be found dressed in Renaissance Festival clothing, drinking copious amounts of tea.

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Tour Kick Off: Fire & Ice by B.T. Polcari #blogtour #nowontour #giveaway #mystery #yamystery #cozymystery #rabtbooktours @btpolcari

 A Mauzzy & Me Mystery, Book 2

Cozy Mystery, Young Adult Mystery, Mystery

Date Published: 08-15-2022

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


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After encountering a brief power outage at work, college student Sara Donovan might be allowing her imagination to run wild. The main vault in the Carlton Museum holds the Fire and Ice Exhibit, a collection of rare gems, including the Star of Midnight, a 175-carat diamond. Although all the stones are accounted for, Sara suspects the Star of Midnight was stolen and replaced with a fake.

While conducting her own investigation, what Sara uncovers is beyond even her wildest imagination: a coded message, papers with strange characters, and a mysterious set of numbers carved into an office wall. Despite dismissive historians and other experts, she is certain these clues point to a mysterious centuries-old legend.

Unfortunately, her colorful history of usually being right, but always being wrong, means she must solve the mystery to prove her theory.

About the Author

B.T. Polcari is a graduate of Rutgers College of Rutgers University, an award-winning mystery author, and a proud father of two wonderful children. He’s a champion of rescue pups (Mauzzy is a rescue), craves watching football and basketball, and, of course, loves reading mysteries. Among his favorite authors are D.P. Lyle, Robert B. Parker, and Michael Connelly. He is also an unapologetic fantasy football addict. He lives with his wife in scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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Tour Kick Off: Dominature by Joe Belcastro #blogtour #nowontour #giveaway #thriller #fantasy #scifi #rabtbooktours @DominatureNovel

What If The Devil...Banished God...From Heaven...


Alternate History, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Date Published: 2.22.22


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Embark on an epic fantasy adventure with reimagined divine beings in this alternate telling of one of humanity's famed creation stories.

Adonai and Helel are equal and co-existing on their realm of Alegion. Together, they utilize a planetary dominion in the effort to grow an instinctual need to create and learn about their evolving powers. That is until an unforeseen clash of wills over how to govern humankind on Eden commences; and the one who remained on Alegion, is not the being we were led to believe...

Now banished to Eden, the only way to ending this conflict is for the fallen one to lure the other onto Eden where a death blow can be administered.

A methodical go-for-the-jugular war ravages the plane of humanity. Notable landscapes are explored, resurrected, and manipulated. New and familiar historical characters, along with pivotal scenes throughout civilization - remixed in this introspective, violent, self-aware, and potentially plausible, biblical-like saga.

Can any being overcome who they inherently are?



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Tour Kick Off: Action for Jesus by Janet Williams #blogtour #nowontour #nonfiction #selfhelp #spiritual #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours


Spiritual Self-Help, Motivational Self-Help

Date Published: January 31, 2022


Too often do we stray down the path that is not meant for us, never realizing that God and Jesus are waiting right there for us to be guided back into the light- the path we are truly meant for.

This book is a story of enlightenment, understanding, and devoting yourself to God to help transform your life for the better. It entails a riveting look at the real-life story of Janet Williams, who was led to the light by God following a series of life-altering events. Find out how God implements his plans without us even realizing it and makes our lives the best they can possibly be, and how to commit yourself truly to the word of Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour.


About the Author

Janet Williams was in an automobile accident and is now a personal trainer and author of “Actions for Jesus’s Help.” Janet wants everybody to know of the experiences she has had and all of her belief in everything that He has done to get actions for Jesus’s help. Janet has a heart that wills strongly to help others and wants everybody who reads this book to embody it within their spirit. Follow the inspiring story of personal trainer Janet Williams from her childhood in New Orleans through a challenging faith journey and tragic loss to a new life and healing.

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