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We have partnered with several other companies to offer our Authors discounts on Book Promotion, Editing, Cover Design, Marketing Services and More! Check back with this page occasionally to see new offers!

Riffle Select

Offering RABT Authors a 50% Discount - PROMO CODE: RABTBookTours50

For Authors

If you’re an author, promoting your book with Riffle Select means attracting a very large audience in a matter of days. If selected, your book will be highlighted in an email to our subscriber list, driving a large number of downloads in a compressed time period. After the discounting promotion ends, return to your standard retail price and watch the number of downloads continue, even at full price!
Feature your book with Riffle Select to:
  • build lasting brand recognition for an author or title
  • climb the bestseller charts
  • drive sales of backlist or related titles in a series

Get Started Here

Are you about to launch your ebook? Do you already have a Kindle ebook? You can get your work in front of thousands of readers at We have worked a deal with BookLemur so that you get a 10% discount when you mention: “readingaddict10” N. S. Wikarski, mystery and historical fiction author of many successful books, says this about BookLemur, “I can personally attest to the fact that last month your site resulted in more sales per the cost of the advertisement than many others I have used.” Get your promotion started now by clicking on this link

Right now BookLemur has 12,200+ subscribers plus 6,780+ Facebook followers. The most expensive category is only $35 so that means you can potentially reach 18,980+ active ebook readers for only 2 tenths of a cent each! 

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