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Virtual Assistants

$15/hr with a minimum of 5 hours a month!

Stay on top of all tasks as they are completed with a Assistant Tracking Sheet for your Service. Example Here
 What can a Virtual Assistant do to help you?
  • Compose monthly newsletter, and announcement emails.
  • Run the Facebook page and log in as regular profile to invite people to like the Fan page that has not already. We will also invite our followers to your link. Share it on groups, send out an email to our bloggers about the page, etc.
  • Set up handy apps on Facebook page for newsletter sign up etc.
  • Communicate with reviewers and bloggers from our spreadsheet to get ARC’s/review copies out for review. Keep track of who is getting it done and send reminders if necessary. Keep track of links to reviews for Facebook posting and Tweeting.
  • Set up virtual interviews, character interviews, guest blogs, spotlight, etc. spots.
  • Tweet. Post anything and everything happening, links, answer questions and thank people that tweet directly to author.
  • Post via Facebook and Twitter/interact with followers to make it appear the author is actively participating when author is actually busy writing.
  • Set up all virtual guest appearances and keep track on a shared calendar.
  • Pimp on groups and any and all reader forums when author has a new release, book sales, or backlist books in general.
  • Create/organize street teams.
  • Promote events you attend online and/or in person.
  • Share good reviews.
  • Contact reviewers with good reviews and ask if they can post on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc.
  • Fact checking
  • Manage your calendar / Send you weekly reminders about your upcoming events, deadlines, etc.
  • Respond to readers mail via Facebook and/or email.
  • Entice readers with excerpts, teaser graphics, and/or quotes from current and upcoming books.

It’s up to you which of these you would like to focus on. These are just some of the main objectives of our Virtual Assistants.

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