Monday, August 20, 2012

Scheduling: Highland Home Promo and Tour by Shari Richardson

First in the series Synopsis:
I should have known when he walked into my life that things would never be the same. Hadn't I dreamed of him and the things he'd done before I was born? If only he weren't so fascinating, so beautiful, so much more than any other guy. Maybe then I could walk away. 

Mairin Cote is a magnet for weird. Her dreams come true, she can see auras and her mother is in love with an angel. Now the monsters are finding her too. Vampires, demigods and werepanthers have flocked to this small town girl who must find a way to keep her family safe, love the man of her dreams, and navigate the shark-infested waters of Highland Home High School.

Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Title: Nine Lives - Highland Home #5
Author: Shari Richardson

Date to be Published: Sept 2012

Book #5 Synopsis: 
When in the midst of the usual supernatural uproar which surrounds her, Kerry Cote finds herself pregnant, she thinks the worst has finally come. But when her fiancĂ© doubts her love and her child while the supernatural world lays itself at her feet, Kerry knows she must be strong. Nine Lives takes readers through Kerry’s pregnancy and an epic battle among vampires to bring them out on the other side with the birth of her child.

Booking both a PROMO only on September 10th 

and a Virtual Book Tour September 10 - September 14th

Only sign up for 1!

All 5 books will be available for anyone who signs up for the Tour! 

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