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Tour Kick Off: Small Town Charms by @thecoracuba

Paranormal Romance
Date Published:  September 2015

A modern romance set in a cozy mountain town that lives under the spell of warring witches... welcome to Small Town Charms 

Meet Mandy Flores: a young woman snow bound in a small mountain town with a killer who wants her blood...

When Mandy Flores is hired to house sit for the ruggedly handsome Clyde Weathers, she is left snowbound in a mountaintop mansion with his unconscious fiancee, who has been in a coma since the day before their wedding. Mandy's uncontrollable attraction to Clyde leads her to become the novice of a sinister dark witch and local bartender, Jessica. Mandy doesn't mean to hurt anyone when she casts a love spell on Clyde with Jessica's help, but letting loose the mountain's magic will change the lives of everyone in Big Bear and tear the small community apart.

How did Clyde's beautiful bride-to-be fall into a coma? Why does Jessica seem to hate Clyde’s fiancee so much? And does Clyde truly love Mandy or is it only magic fueling their growing attraction?

Mandy must untangle the meaning of the magical, secret world hidden just below the surface of this seemingly perfect small town...or she will never leave the mountain alive. 

#1 – Do You See Writing as a Career?
I clocked in and written all day forty hours a week for work for a while in my career, and I've supported myself on freelance writing for years. Novel writing is something I do in my free time to feel joy. So from personal experience I can tell you, writing can be both a career and a vocation, it can be intensely personal or entirely commercial, the same as any art.

#2 – What was the Hardest Part of Your Writing Process?
The hardest work was done by the beta-readers who had to get through the first draft! Their encouragement and course-correction was invaluable.

#3 – Did you have any One Person Who Helped You Out with Your Writing Outside of Your Family?
I have had a number of confidants over the years who have seen fit to pour out their hearts to me. I love hearing other people's stories, and experiencing their emotions, impulses I could relate to but were new and different to me, all that listening really informs how I create my characters: people I can relate to but who have their own instincts, their own weaknesses. My main character, Mandy Flore,s is a mosaic of some of the best women I know: their goodness, their strength, their vulnerability.

#4 – What is next for your writing?
The Small Town Charms series is really taking over my imagination. I'm going to keep exploring that world and the friendships and the seeds for big trouble that have taken root. My heroine, Mandy, has become so fully formed that she's now making her own choices when I confront her with obstacles and she keeps surprising me. As long as Mandy leads the way I'll follow.

#5 – Do you have an addiction to reading as well as writing? If so, what are you currently reading?
Are you kidding me?! Has anyone ever answered no to this question? When I physically can't read then I'm usually listening to an audiobook, no joke. Right now I'm re-visiting Helter Skelter and listening to the Hamilton biography that inspired the musical by the same name. And on the Kindle I'm reading a self-published book called Her Name in The Sky which is blowin' my socks off!

DESCRIBE Your Book in 1 Tweet:  When Mandy takes a house-sitting job in a cozy mountain town she uncovers a secret battle between two witches and is forced to choose a side

This or That?

#1 - iPd or Mp3?
A what now?

#2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?
Honey, please. Chocolate.

#3 – Mashed Potatoes or French Fries?
Mashed and keep 'em coming.

#4 – Comedy or Drama?
Don't make me choose.

#5 – Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks?
Danielle Steel all the way every day.

#6 – Fantasy or Reality?
Clearly I've chosen Fantasy.

#7 – Call or Text?
Text me, in case I'm napping.

#8 – Public School or Home School?
Public, thanks!

#9 – Coffee or Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream.

#10 – eBook or Paperback?
Ebook please.

As a young woman, Cora Cuba spent an unforgettable winter living alone in a cabin in Big Bear, California and working at a ski lodge. This friendly people and natural beauty there inspired her to write the Small Town Charms series years later. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and beloved dog and enjoys researching American folklore, women's folk art, and the history of witchcraft in the United States.

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