Wednesday, February 1, 2017

PROMO Blitz: Outfoxing the Gaming Club #excerpt

Memoir, Business

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In this debut memoir, a former casino employee discusses how he thinks his former bosses acted on his many suggestions.
Batieufaye tells of working for a Resort Casino, operated by Pequot tribal leaders from 1996 to 2004. He began as a kitchen worker and later moved on to guest services.
In this book, he says that he believes his company acted upon ideas he submitted through the company’s suggestion program without recognizing his contributions. (However, he notes several times that he’s not seeking “reimbursement for any written suggestion that I submitted that made them tons of moneys.”)
Batieufaye focuses primarily on his grievances regarding the casino management, but he also discusses the importance of “putting the accent on alternative natural methods over antidepressant pills. He also weighs in on various sociopolitical issues, from animal cruelty to world leadership.
The author includes an “excerpt” of an unidentified news item that says an FBI probe uncovered corruption among the casino’s tribal leadership. His suggestion submissions, reproduced in the text, expound lengthily on concepts that may have occurred simultaneously to many other people.
His mention of his willingness to donate any proceeds of this book to charitable and civic causes is admirable, though, and he does effectively convey how he’s suffered in life.

This book is primarily aimed to warn anyone out there to take steps to judiciously review the ins and outs stipulated by small print prior to writing and submitting your ideas to an organization’s Employee Suggestion Program (ESP). But the misgivings most undermined by combating miseries may bring one’s life force to an unpredicted halt.
Better yet, it will be a bolt from the blue to their premier administrative branch, as one might expect. Would that be, by any chance, for the sake of preserving their cherished gaming club standing before the world stage, even if it means covertly masking the truth?
Stay tuned as we push the envelope to the middle of nowhere. Discover and learn more through the pages of Outfoxing the Gaming Club.

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