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Overcoming Learning Disabilities and Achieving Success

Nonfiction / Self-Help / Education

Date Published: March 22, 2023


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"Breaking the Label" is an autobiographical self-help book by Paul Geise, who shares his personal journey of overcoming self-doubt and academic challenges due to a learning disability. The book is intended to inspire and motivate students who feel inadequate in their abilities to learn, and to provide practical advice and strategies that have helped the author and others like him succeed academically.

Geise shares his experiences growing up in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and feeling frustrated and defeated in his early years of education. He discusses the challenges he faced due to his learning disability, including being told that he would never be able to keep up with his classmates and pursuing an academically-based career was out of the question for him. However, he refused to give up and found ways to work around his disability and develop his strengths.

The author shares practical advice on finding one's strengths and learning style, developing effective study habits and techniques, and utilizing resources and support systems that can be helpful for students with learning disabilities. Geise provides examples of his experiences working with teacher consultants in each primary subject and the instructor's teaching methods, as well as what he did to help himself work through these issues.

After graduating from high school, Geise still felt inadequate in his educational abilities and had to convince himself that he was not helpless. He went on to complete his Associate Degree and numerous other technical certifications without the help of a teacher consultant. He now understands the importance of taking control of his education and the learning curve that comes with it.

Overall, "Breaking the Label" is an inspiring and practical guide for students who feel like they are not good enough, especially those with learning disabilities, to overcome academic challenges and achieve their dreams.


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