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Book Blitz: BLUE by Walter Jones #promo fiction #rabtbooktours @spellboundpic


"Until the Lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the Hunt will always glorify the Hunter."


Pamela Edwards McClafferty (Editor)



Date Published: May 21, 2024

Publisher: Spellbound Pictures Ltd USA LLC.




BLUE: A Multigenerational Epic of Destiny, Secrets, and Freedom


Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.


Spanning five generations, four families, two continents, and three secrets, BLUE is a captivating saga that intertwines the lives of four extraordinary individuals on an urgent mission for freedom.


Meet the Protagonists:


  • Nicole Johnson: A beautiful Howard University MBA graduate with a vision to build her international advertising/marketing company, Fresh, Inc., in her hometown of Chicago.
  • Regina Bovine: A stunning artistic marketer and graduate of life's challenges, Regina becomes Nicole's partner in Fresh, Inc., bringing her unique perspective and talent.
  • Segun Bada: A brilliant MIT graduate who establishes the headquarters of his international conglomerate, Quantum Protection Systems (Q.P.S.), in Gaborone, Botswana.
  • Sotonye Bada: Segun's gifted brother and a graduate of the Mayo Medical School, Sotonye sets up his medical practice in Gaborone, Botswana, alongside his brother.


Together, their paths converge in an extraordinary saga that takes them across the globe to Chicago, New Orleans, Botswana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Huntsville, Nigeria, Kenya, Washington D.C., and Tanzania. As they unravel the secrets of their ancestors, they discover the reason the ancient oracles destined them to join forces.


A Race Against Time:

With BLUE, a formidable force of evil, threatening to unleash his deadliest powers upon the world before the children born to either join or destroy him reach their thirty-first birthday, Nicole and Regina are drawn back to the African continent, the birthplace of BLUE.

In a final, epic battle, they join Sotonye and Segun to protect the Freedom Code, a legacy for their ancestors, their present allies, and the future generations of their people—and all people. For if one man or woman is enslaved, so is the world.


BLUE: A Riveting Tale of:


  • Family: Exploring the intricate bonds and connections between generations and families across continents.
  • Love: Showcasing the power of love in its various forms, from familial love to romantic love.
  • Destiny: Unraveling the ancient prophecies that foretold the convergence of four lives on a mission.
  • Freedom: Fighting for the fundamental right of freedom for all individuals and the world at large.


Immerse yourself in this multigenerational epic that will keep you turning pages as you journey alongside Nicole, Regina, Segun, and Sotonye in their quest for freedom and the preservation of their legacy.


About the Author

 Walter Jones, a native Chicagoan, (1952 -) has written his first novel.

“Dreams can come true, but it probably won’t happen as you first imagined. No one could have told me a novel I started when I was in my forties would come to fruition in my sixties. Or that I would go from golden boy to ‘I‘m sorry. You are extremely qualified for the position, but we are considering other candidates.’ Or that I would face years of doubt and criticism from relatives and friends.”

The sixth child of Mary Louise Spillman and Russell Donald Jones Jr., Walter grew up in two predominately African American communities, Morgan Park and Chatham. The Spillmans were one of the first African American families to settle in Chicago; they owned homes and businesses and took care of their neighborhoods.

By the mid-1960s, the civil rights movement was in full swing. Housing projects had been built and crime was on the rise. By the time Walter graduated from Chicago State University (psychology), the peace he had known in his youth was a memory.

Walter had high hopes that he could make a difference when he began his career at the Austin Chicago YMCA before becoming the first black executive at Lawson YMCA Metro Chicago. He ended his YMCA career at the historical Black Washington Park. Thereafter, he worked at Habitat Boulevard LLC and then ventured out on his own to found his own construction company.

“Working in public service, I watched my people falling into materialistic, superficial, and destructive traps. I was surprised and humbled to find I was no exception. When my construction business failed, I had to reassess myself and my life. For years I had focused on the image I wanted my children and others to have of me, not on the man I truly was. I began to reflect on the people who had profoundly influenced my life.”

BLUE began to take form as Walter wrote about the African American life of his youth—the beauty, majesty, brilliance, and courage of his people. He suddenly realized he was rebuilding that which he had lost, a love of self and humanity. To support his family, he took odd jobs. Ultimately he joined a security company, where he works to this day.

“As my greatest advocate, my mother read my first draft of BLUE before her death in 1995 and made me promise to complete it. Little did I know she was freeing me from BLUE and showing me how long the path can be to freedom, but I learned, and I am grateful.”


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Book Blitz: Talitha Cumi by W.M. Brazil #promo #memoir #nonfiction #rabtbooktours


(Little Girl, I Say to You, Arise!)





"This book is a record of how God transformed my life. I am coming to the end of my journey, and this book is my legacy to the world."

-W. M. Brazil


W. M. Brazil, fondly referred to as Chaplain Brazil, is an honorably retired ordained minister in the church. She is gifted by the Holy Spirit and ordained by God to feed his children on his word. Her only claim to fame is that she loves Jesus and Jesus loves her.

I am an African American woman, born less than eighty years after the civil war. I entered the work force a year after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Life for my family was hard living in a George Wallace and Bull Connor Alabama. But God birthed me into a family who not only knew struggle, but also knew the God who brings us through the struggle. Yet, being born into a family who knew God, was not enough to bring me into relationship with the living God. It took Jesus Christ, the Lord of Life, walking into my life, taking me by the hand and gently saying, Talitha Cumi, which means, Little Girl, I say unto you, Arise! He touched me and made me whole. But that could only happen after I, like the woman with the issue of blood, touched the hem of his garment.

This is my story. This is my song. Praising my Savior, all the day long. Jesus brought heaven and earth together in my life. I would take nothing for the journey. I truly found the pearl of great value.





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Cover Reveal: The 7th Dimension by Monica Broussard #bookcover #coverreveal #promo #christianfiction #speculativefiction #rabtbooktours @AuthorBroussard @PublishingAcorn


Book 2 in the 21 Tattoos series


Visionary/Metaphysical Fiction; Speculative Fiction; Christian Fiction

Date Published: forthcoming September 18

Publisher: Acorn Publishing


What do a comatose old woman, a dying gang member, and a brutal assault on a teenage boy have in common? Derek Hollinger isn’t sure, but he knows they’re all connected to the mysterious tattoos that suddenly appeared across his body.

Determined to untangle the web spun by the vicious thug known as “Spider,” Derek embarks on a journey of redemption that leads from his lavish L.A. penthouse to the seedy world of underground fighting and human trafficking. But as he ventures deeper down the rabbit hole, the self-exiled plastic surgeon realizes that the answer lies within his heart and mind … and soul.

Faith is the key to reclaiming his life, but choosing God may be difficult for Derek, who has spent his entire career valuing material success over spiritual growth.

In this thrilling sequel to 21 Tattoos, Derek must face the hard truth about where his tattoos came from and an even harder truth about what it will take to be free of them once and for all.

About the Author

Writer, speaker, and certified life coach Monica Broussard is passionate about writing fiction that contains elements of fantasy and keeps the reader intrigued about the lead character’s motives. She also writes an occasional article for her hometown’s magazine, SeaCliff Living. She belongs to Toastmasters International and enjoys attending national writers' conferences.

Born in North Carolina on a Marine Corps base, Monica now lives in “Surf City,” Huntington Beach, California, with her husband of thirty-eight years. She has enjoyed various occupations over the years, but her favorite job is the one she’s doing now—writing.

Her debut novel, 21 Tattoos, was published by Acorn Publishing in 2023. The 7th Dimension is Book 2 in the 21 Tattoos Series.


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Facebook:  MonicaBroussard

Twitter: @AuthorBroussard




Instagram: @monicabroussardauthor



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Book Blitz: The Art of Mindkeeping by Stacey McCann #promo #selfhelp #meditation #nonfiction #rabtbooktours


The Secret to Activating Wisdom, Healing and Spiritual Fulfillment through Lumen Consciousness

Self-Help, Meditation



Are you yearning for a higher state of being, a connection to something greater but struggling to find the path?

The Art of Mindkeeping is your guide to unlocking a profound spiritual journey that's been within you all along.

This book unravels the mystery of Mindkeeping, a transformative process that evolves you past the hurts and pains of the physical world, guiding you to your true nature as a spirit in human form. It's not about fixing what's wrong; it's about embracing what's right and discovering the next generation of consciousness—Lumen beingness.

You don't have to be trapped by your past or limited by your current perception. The key to healing, purpose, and an enriched life awaits. With a blend of wisdom and practical insight, The Art of Mindkeeping is the compass leading you to a destination where you are in control.

Ready to evolve and illuminate your life? Dive into The Art of Mindkeeping and embark on the path that was meant for you.

About the Author

Stacey McCann is not just an author; she's a natural-born healer, a pioneer in human technology and evolution, and a Lumen. Her journey began as a young child with a unique consciousness, but it wasn't until she healed her infant son's breathing issues that she fully embraced her gifts. This profound experience catapulted her into a new understanding of healing, self-discovery, and the mind's transformative power.

For over 30 years, Stacey has mastered the art of Mindkeeping, sharing her process with those eager to live from a higher state of being. Living in St. Augustine, Florida with her furry friend Louie, she continues to inspire and guide others on their paths to healing and spiritual growth. Her life and work stand as a testament to the profound connections between mind, body, and universe, providing a beacon for those ready to embark on a journey of inner healing. Join her on this exciting adventure towards self-discovery and enlightenment.


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Teaser: Ripple Effects by Alex Winters #promo #teaser #excerpt #comingsoon #romance #rabtbooktours @changelingpress


Contemporary Romance, Multiple Partners

Date Published: June 21, 2024


Brady Sampson and Myer Joyner met in college, quickly bonding in their business classes and both landing gigs at nearby Global Initiatives in scenic Lost Lake, Tennessee. Combining their signing bonuses to invest in a rental house beside the lake together, the two take to being roommates the way they have every other challenge they’ve faced over the past two years -- secretly pining for one another while never speaking a word about it.

That is, until their sexy new coworker, Carly Carmichael, produces an uncommonly sensual stirring in both men. When Brady invites their new neighbor over for a meet and greet, she takes him up on the offer on the one day he’s out. While she and Myer sip wine and get to know each other better, both let it slip that they have a crush on Brady, unleashing a series of events that threaten to topple everything they thought they knew about each other.




“White or red?”

Brady Sampson glanced over at his new roomie, Myer, holding up two wine bottles and wearing an almost face-splitting grin. He struggled to ignore the equally cataclysmic ripples of desire that rang through his body as he kept a placid look on his face.

“Which do you prefer?” Brady answered.

Myer glanced from bottle to bottle as if he’d never seen them before, giving Brady time to openly adore his big, veiny hands as he held each aloft. “I always drank beer before now.”

Brady chuckled, never less than amused by Myer’s vaguely off-kilter outlook on life. “So why don’t we grab some beer then?”

Myer wrinkled his nose, nostrils flaring under a spray of cheery soft freckles to go with his mop of strawberry blond stubble. “I dunno, this seems so grown up right now, you know?”

Brady steered his own shopping cart closer, inching into the liquor aisle to join his new roomie. “Beer is grown up,” he suggested, studying the labels next to the shelf where Myer lingered. “And cheaper, too.”

Myer gave him a “spoilsport” frown but set the bottles back just the same. “Dude, you’re not going to be one of those cheap-ass roomies who puts his food on one shelf and mine on the other and pro-rates the rent if I happen to steal a grape or two, are you?”

Brady chuckled. “No, of course not. I just don’t really feel like paying for stuff I’m not going to drink, you know?”

Myer considered this as if he’d never thought of it before. “Valid point, I suppose.” His big fingers did unspeakable things to Brady's already lurid imagination as he moved down the aisle, touching several brands of champagne. “Bubbly then?”

Brady nodded, as if equally inspired. “That’ll work,” he agreed, taking one of the two bottles from Myer’s hand.

“Hey!” Myer’s youthful face -- oh yeah, he was definitely getting carded, for sure -- broke into a surprised grin. “I thought I was in charge of alcoholic beverages this time.”

“You are, but that doesn’t mean you’re paying for it all.”

Myer’s gaze quickly assessed the running total of Brady’s half-full shopping cart. “You’re paying for the steaks already, though.”

“Cuz they come in a two-pack. You want me to tear them in half and get the butcher to rewrap them?”

Myer frowned, looking effortlessly casual in a mustard-colored V-neck and striped blue Madras shorts, the clothing seeming to hang off his lean, rangy frame the same way his shirt and ties did at work every day. “Fair is fair, though.”

“Now who’s the cheap one? Huh, Myer?”

Myer glanced at his own cart, only slightly less full than Brady’s. They were facing each other in the liquor aisle, carts side by side, just two bros out shopping like any other two bros out shopping. And yet, to Brady at least, the seemingly humdrum errand had such an intimate feel to it he had to struggle to keep from sweating.

“I mean,” Myer teased, nudging Brady’s elbow with no idea of what that little tremor from his touch felt like racing through Brady’s body. “Have you seen the price of yogurt lately?”

Brady snorted, romantic reverie suddenly broken. “No, Myer, because I’m not a retired housewife on a diet.”

They chuckled together, drifting onto the next aisle and quibbling over potato chips and pretzels like an old married couple. Brady struggled to keep things light when all he wanted was to reach out and grab Myer’s hand and cling to it like they were an actual couple.

He swallowed the desire, as he had all his life, and played it cool instead. Said the right things. Glanced Myer’s way just long enough, but never too long. Walked just close enough to him as they argued over wheat bread versus rye, and never too close. Laughed just hard enough, smiled just wide enough, sending all the right signals like he always had.

He'd leapt at the chance to room with Myer when they both got transferred to the Tennessee branch of Global Initiatives after their internship at the corporate offices in Latham, Georgia. They’d hit it off as interns, sharing lunch breaks and chatting it up in the campus gym after weekend workouts. Brady thought it would be the perfect way to solidify their friendship, even if he knew they could never be more than that. He thought he could be strong, thought he could fight the temptation, thought it would be easy, like it had been back when they’d just shared a cubicle.

But now? Sharing a sprawling house out on secluded Lost Lake, shopping together, padding barefoot down the same halls in various stages of undress? Suddenly Brady wondered if he was strong enough to weather the ups and downs of living with someone who only wanted to be friends.

When obviously, achingly, frustratingly, Brady wanted to be so much more.



About the Author

Alex Winters is the pseudonym of a busy restaurant manager whose curious young staff would love nothing more than to follow him around the dining room reading his steamiest, most romantic passages aloud! When not writing romantic holiday stories of various heat levels, he enjoys long walks with his wife, scary movies and smooth jazz. Visit him online to see what stories are brewing up next!


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Publisher on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok: @changelingpress


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Book Blitz: The Moral Conundrum by CS Runn #promo #thriller #military #suspense #rabtbooktours


Thriller, Military, Suspense



Reed Stanton is a navy fighter pilot and dedicated family man. As a combat veteran who was assigned to work with navy SEALs overseas, he is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and with small firearms. His experience on the battlefield has caused him to struggle with the morality of killing combatants in war. He doesn’t want to do it. You can’t unsee dead bodies.

Out of nowhere, his life at home begins to crumble. Betrayal is everywhere. Facing struggles in his marriage, friends that turn on him, and no longer trusting of his military chain of command; he is framed for murder. Who is doing this and why? His only way forward is to continue to trust people. But who? Reed must unravel this mystery to restore his world. But can he?

All roads lead to a terrorist plotting an attack on a San Diego air traffic control facility. On a collision course with a madman, Reed faces seemingly insurmountable odds as he races to stop the attack, neutralize a terrorist, confront his own moral demons, and reclaim his life.


About the Author

Using a Pseudonym

After careful consideration, I made a conscious decison to represent myself throughout the site with a pseudonym. I'm sure it defies conventional publishing wisdom but it enables the preservation of some privacy. I am not hiding. To the contrary, I am very accessible. I just want the ability to step back.


My Writing Process

While there is keen interest in the book; there was equal curiosity my writing and publishing process. That led to the inclusion of a section "On Writing" with information on topics such as my writing process, locations in the book, and copyright. This section will grow and there will be more later on publishing and marketing.



I was born and raised in south Florida and attended the University of Florida graduating with bachelor of science degree. Following college, I joined the navy and attended flight school in Pensacola, Florida. After being designated a Naval Flight Officer, I reported to VF-124 in San Diego, California and became an F-14 Tomcat Radar Intercept Officer. During a twenty-year carrier, I accumulated over 2,200 flight hours and 336 carrier arrested landings.

Subsequent to my navy career, I went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an operations research analysis. This work included unmanned aircraft systems research that answered questions about integration of UAS with manned aircraft into the National Airspace System.

I now live in San Diego, California making frequent trips around the country to explore our nations great national parks as I once did with my older brother. I also enjoy spending time "yachting" on JBO - Jerry's Boat - a terrific, easy to handle, fourteen foot boat with a 40 hp motor.


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Release Blitz: The Last Decade of Cinema by Scott Ryan #promo #nonfiction #television #giveaway #rabtbooktours @ScottLuckStory

Nonfiction, Television, Performing Arts

Date Published: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Publisher: Fayetteville Mafia Press, 2024  (FMP Publishing)


“I feel like Scott Ryan could have written this directly to me and others in our generation who have basically ‘given up’ on movies. It is at once tribute and eulogy, so bittersweet.” – Screenwriter Helen Childress (Reality Bites)

 “The nineties are lucky to have Scott Ryan.” – Actress Natasha Gregson Wagner (Two Girls and a Guy, Lost Highway)

 Ah, the nineties. Movies were something in those days. We’re talking about a decade that began with GoodFellas and ended with Magnolia, with such films as Malcolm X, Before Sunrise, and Clueless arriving somewhere in between. Stories, characters, and writing were king; IP, franchise movies, and supersaturated superhero flicks were still years away. Or so says Scott Ryan, the iconoclastic author of The Last Days of Letterman and Moonlighting: An Oral History, who here turns his attention to The Last Decade of Cinema—the prolific 1990s. Ryan, who watched just about every film released during the decade when he was a video store clerk in a small town in Ohio, identifies twenty-five unique and varied films from the decade, including Pretty Woman, Pulp Fiction, Menace II Society, The Prince of Tides, and The Shawshank Redemption, focusing with his trademark humor and insight on what made them classics and why they could never be produced in today’s film culture. The book also includes interviews with writers, directors, and actors from the era. Go back to the time of VCR’s, DVD rentals, and movies that mattered. Turn off your streaming services, put down your phones, delete your Twitter account, and take a look back at the nineties with your Eyes Wide Shut, a White Russian in your hand, and yell “Hasta la vista, baby” to today’s meaningless entertainment. Revel in the risk-taking brilliance of Quentin Tarantino, Amy Heckerling, Spike Lee, Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson, and others in Scott Ryan’s magnum opus, The Last Decade of Cinema. 


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