Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scheduling: Corporate Affairs by Q. Malone

Erotic Romance Novella
Date Published: 2/12/13

Powerhouse project manager, Kyra Benson, loves her new job. If only her domineering boss
wasn’t the bane of her existence and a boon to her fantasies. An office affair is out of the
question, even though he's the sexiest thing she's been around in years. If she’s going to keep her
job and save her team, she’ll need to meet him on common ground…and find a way to protect
her heart.

X2 Games CEO, Bryan Ross, has devoted his life to his company. The last thing he needs is
to get sidetracked by a strong-willed, demanding woman who thinks she knows more about
his business than he does. Even if he can’t get Kyra out of his head, she’s the one person who
can save his business. But is he’s willing to make her an offer she can’t refuse—an offer for
the boardroom and the bedroom.

Can the two adversaries negotiate a truce and find love? Or will business—and everything
they've worked so hard for—come before pleasure?

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