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Living a GoldenRuleism


Date Published: May 1, 2024

Publisher: MindStir Media


You've FOUND It.

What We NEED.


The majority of people on Earth are familiar with the foundational ethical principle often called The Golden Rule - Humanity's Number One Rule.

It's time now for us to embrace a far more expansive and effective version of the original.

GoldenRuleism is the name of our overarching ethic - an ethic universal in its scope. Discover what it can mean for your life.

This booklet stimulates you to act - to do what YOU can - from where you are.

GoldenRuleism's foundation is its two principal principles - two elegantly simple sentences.

It's Humanity's "Apply It Now" ethic. We the people of the world need to be GoldenRuleistic. We'll make our lives decidedly better - with and for each other.


***NOTE: Our Spanish edition is also available!

About the Author

Craig Cline advocates for us humans—and for all the other sentient beings on our one-and-only Mother Earth.

Craig has written many articles for publication, on a variety of topics. He wrote this booklet, with the assistance of his Editor-In-Residence wife Cherie: Golden Ruleism: Living A Golden Ruleism-Guided Life.

The Clines support a variety of nonprofit organizations, especially those in their local community. They feel we should all do whatever we can to ensure “our” nonprofits succeed in their heart-driven missions.

Craig’s premise is that by our universally embracing the two principal principles of Golden Ruleism—two simple-to-say and easy-to-remember sentences—we’ll collectively “Move the Needle of Humanity Towards Humane-ity.”

He asks that you please do what you can to move that needle.


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