Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scheduling: Eternal Revelations by Candis Vargo

Adult Apocalyptic Thriller
Date Published: 8/12/12

As Hell reins terror on the earth, can one child bring back humanity and defeat the Devil himself? After  millions of people vanish and the dead rise to spread plague over the Earth, 23 year-old Evelyn and  her brother join with a small group as they fight for survival. As the plague spreads and the number of  the Reanimated rise in humans and animals alike, there isn’t anything man made that is strong enough  to hold them off. When Evelyn and her group find one of the only children left on Earth—an Autistic  child—the Devil begins lurking in the darkness, following their every move. The remaining children  are the only chance the human race has at defying the plans the Anti-Christ holds. Of all the horrors  the Earth now holds, none are comparable to how treacherous the living become once their humanity  is thrown out the window. Evelyn realizes survival isn’t just fighting for your life but fighting for your  humanity in a world of terror. Join the journey fight for survival against the undead and beasts released  straight from the pits of Hell.

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