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Tour Kick Off- Meet and Greet - Fate War: Alliance by E.M. Havens

Sci Fi Romance / Steampunk
Date Published: 2/25/13

Prince Cole meets Samantha when she walks down the aisle. Though she seems like the polished women he is familiar with, there is something different. She is complicated and full of mystery. Her dowry comes with a promise of air ships and mech capable of defense against their common enemy and for his country to survive, he must unravel her secrets. It is only when each accepts their destinies can they save their people from the plans of the Fate Sovereign.


Reading Addiction Blog Tours MEET and GREET
#1 – Do You See Writing as a Career?
I would love to be able to support my family by writing, but I’m under no delusions. I know there are only a few who make it big, but if writing will keep me from having to take a part time job at Wal-Mart…I’ll take it.

#2 – What was the Hardest Part of Your Writing Process?
Finding time! Homeschooling three kids and running a small hobby farm takes a lot of time. When I do get a few moments dedicated to writing, the page almost fills itself with words because I’ve had so much thinkin’ time.

#3 – Did you have any One Person Who Helped You Out with Your Writing Outside of Your Family?
I don’t think I can pinpoint just one person. When I first decided I would try and publish my writing, I joined It’s an online critique group. Their input was priceless in helping me to become a better writer and learning the ropes.

#4 – What is next for your writing?
I’m currently working on a novella entitled “Dark Night of the Soul”. It’s a fantasy with a touch of romance, but mostly just a quirky adventure in the afterlife. But don’t worry, those who have read Fate War: Alliance, I’m working on outlines for the sequel to that as well!

#5 – Do you have an addiction to reading as well as writing? If so, what are you currently reading?
YES!  Reading is what makes me want to write. I am currently reading unpublished authors and books for critique exchanges. I’m also reading Nicky Charles’ new book, Betrayed.

DESCRIBE Your Book in 1 Tweet:
Steamy Steampunk Romance! Swords and guns, love and war, quirky gadgets and more. A love story you won’t soon forget.

This or That?

#1 - iPd or Mp3?
#2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?
Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
#3 – Mashed Potatoes or French Fries?
Mashed potatoes….with ketchup
#4 – Comedy or Drama?
#5 – Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks?
#6 – Fantasy or Reality?
#7 – Call or Text?
Text…unless it’s my little sister who doesn’t have unlimited texting…seriously…who doesn’t have unlimited texting anymore?
#8 – Public School or Home School?
Home School
#9 – Coffee or Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate….always.chocolate.
#10 – eBook or Paperback?

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