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Book Blitz: Dance with the Ants by Vickie Gunter #promo #childrensbook #rabtbooktours

Children’s Book

Date Published: June 2023

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Dance with the Ants is a picture book about a spontaneous picnic undertaken by a mother and her son. The decision to have a picnic triggers concern when they think about the possibility of pesky ants invading their planned day of fun. Surprisingly, their picnic worries turn into an afternoon of music and dance thanks to some uninvited guests at their picnic site.

Music, animal, and outdoor enthusiasts will love this colorful book that includes a touch of rhyme. The book is geared for ages 4-8 and displays colorful illustrations on every page of the story.

Please enjoy reading as your child's vocabulary and cognitive development increases.

For discussion after reading: Adults can use this story to help youngsters realize that a child’s worries about upcoming events (i.e. summer camp, first day of school, going to a medical office) often times actually turn into fun-filled outcomes.


 About the Author

Having grown up on a small farm in rural Virginia, I learned what hard physical work was at a young age. I was blessed to have four siblings so whenever there was any time for recreation, we would sometimes play together and other times each of us would focus our minds on our personal hobbies. My interests included drawing and spending time with animals, especially horses and ponies. I remember many days of horseback riding through the woods, all over local farms and backroads made of dirt. Often times, I pretended that I was living in a wild, western day and had to rough it in the wilderness. I appreciate now that a child’s imagination is a precious gift.

As an adult, I focused on healthcare and have worked professionally in that field for many years. After marrying in my mid-30s, living in various states, raising three beautiful children, and now experiencing life as a grandmother, my husband and I have resettled in the state of Virginia on a serene farm with horses, a pony that our children grew up riding, a dog, and a cat, along with abundant wildlife to admire on a daily basis.

I do recall as far back as my early twenties that I had a great desire to write a book. Many busy years of life consumed my time; however, I never let that dream of writing a book dwindle. As I approach my retirement years, I have transitioned that book writing dream to one of my bucket list goals.

Thanks to many acquaintances, good friends and a supportive and loving family, I view my life’s journey as enlightening and enriching. Recently, I have embraced the role of author. This allows me to put a check mark beside one of my personal bucket list items which makes me very happy : )

I encourage everyone who has a dream to never let it fade. If it lingers in your heart and mind, there is a reason. Strive to reach your goal, but always remember to appreciate the journey along the way.

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