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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tour Kick Off - Blood Lovers by @hollyhuntauthor

Paranormal Erotica
Date Published: May 2011
Two men, one secret…a brand new life…
Abandoned to the streets of London as a teenager by homophobic parents, Tamir is rescued by the one person he needs to survive what he is. Vidar is a rich man, happy to offer the suicidal young man a sanctuary where no one can touch him.
Or so they think.
There is something different about Vidar, something that could mean trouble—or death—for both of them. Vidar is harbouring a secret that could destroy both them, and the world of safe havens they’ve created.
But flourishing in a love born of blood, suicide, hate and abandonment, will Tamir and Vidar’s relationship last across their forced separation? Or will their fierce dependency, when combined with the uncontrollable split, send them rocketing on a path that will lead only to their deaths?

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