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Book Blitz: The Secrets of Stonebridge Castle by Blair Bancroft #promo #gothic #regencyromance #rabtbooktours @blairbancroft @BookBuzznet


Gothic Regency Romance

Published: September 2021

Publisher: Kone Enterprises

A gothic tale of ghosts, murder, and lost love...

When bullies threaten Aurelia Lacey and her five-year-old daughter Nell, they are rescued by an old friend, Jason Durand, younger brother of an earl. Jason, once a daring spy, has fallen into depression and drunkenness since the war, but he rallies long enough to offer the outcasts the shelter of his brother's country seat, Stonebridge Castle. But the ancient castle is not the quiet refuge they expected. Aurelia and Jason—both lost souls from the war against Napoleon—must deal with a bevy of hedonistic London house guests, seven hundred years of ghosts, multiple murders, and a chance—a very slim chance—that love will triumph over all.

Author's Note: Although ghosts are prominent in SECRETS, they appear as characters, not creatures of horror. And there is more emphasis on romance than in my previous Gothics.

About The Author

THE SECRETS OF STONEBRIDGE CASTLE is Book # 50 for award-winning novelist Blair Bancroft. Although best known for books set in the Regency period (Gothic, Historical, & Traditional), she also writes Mystery, Suspense, and SciFi/Fantasy, with a Medieval Young Adult and a Steampunk thrown in for good measure. Her awards include a RITA nomination and winning the Gold Heart (Romance Writers of America), "Best Regency" from Romantic Times Magazine, "Best Romance" and "Best Young Adult" from the Florida Writers Association. She is also the author of MAKING MAGIC WITH WORDS, a 200,000-word book of advice on Writing and Editing.

Blair considers being able to create people, even whole worlds, from the imagination a never-ending joy. She is an "out of the mist" author. One of her favorite sayings: "I can hardly wait to sit down to my computer each morning and find out what my characters are going to do today."

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