Monday, September 17, 2012

Tour Kick Off - Meet and Greet - Sara Daniell

Today is the Kick Off for the Glimpse Virtual Book Tour!

YA - Dystopian

Orion Draper is not your typical Dweller. She is a non-conformist with an insatiable appetite for adventure. And trouble. So it is no surprise when she finds herself eavesdropping on a Constable meeting. One word that makes no sense, "Earth", sends Orion on a quest for answers.
What is this "Earth"? And why has it never been mentioned before? Her search is soon over, but not without a heavy price to pay. Forced to leave behind the only home she has ever known, Orion fights for the chance to return. Every corner holds a new danger, and every shadow hides a secret. No one can be trusted, and no town is permanent.
Will Orion ever return to Dandux? Or is she forever condemned to repeat this hell she now knows?

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Sara Daniell is a 27 year old from a small town in Arkansas. She is married to her best friend, has two amazing daughters, and is a full time college student working towards her Masters in Special Education. When not busy with working, doing homework, and being a mom, she loves to read and write.
Sara Daniell is the author of The Holly Nather Trilogy & The Dwellers series.
Favorite Quote:
"You're off to Great Places! Today is YOUR day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!" ~ Dr. Seuss

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Do you see writing as a career?

Yes, but I also will have a career teaching special-ed after I get my masters. 

What is the hardest part of your writing process?

Writing the first sentence.  I know that sounds crazy, but it is true.  I think it is because I have the whole story in my head and can’t wait to get every bit of it wrote.  It causes me to struggle with how to begin the book. 

What is next for your writing?

Right now I am focusing on The Dwellers series and the novella that will go along with The Holly Nather Trilogy.  After I am done with them…who knows?  My imagination will come up with something else I am sure. 

Did you have any one person who helped you with your writing outside of family?

Many.  But to name a few, Hannah Loomis, Lacey Hackett, and Kerri Bennett.  I love those three girls and they have all supported me and helped me in some way.  They ROCK.

Do you have an addiction to reading as well as writing?  If so, what are you currently reading?

YES!  I would have never started writing if I didn’t love to read.  I am currently reading When Empires Fall by Katie Jennings. 

This or That.

IPod or Mp3?


Chocolate or Vanilla?


Mashed Patotoes or French Fries?

Mashed Potatoes

Comendy or Drama?


Danielle Steele or Nicholas Sparks?

Nicholas Sparks

Fantasy or Reality?


Call or Text?


Public School or Home School?

Public School.

Coffee or Hot Chocolate?

Hot Chocolate

Ebook or Paperback?



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