Friday, May 20, 2016

Tour Kick Off: The Secret Life of Thomas Commons by @BBWeekley

Romance / Historical / Gay & Lesbian
Date Published: 5/20/2016

The Secret Life of Thomas Commons is about the emotional struggles of Mr. Thomas Franklin Commons and Mr. Wesley Tobias Ashfield as they battle their tragically structured upbringing and predetermined lives. Mr. Thomas Franklin Commons is a wealthy, but bitter twenty-two year old man living in London, England when he meets Mr. Wesley Tobias Ashfield, a cheerful and charming young man whom he is soon to enter into business with. However, Thomas is soon caught off guard when Wesley’s friendly nature gradually begins to warm his frigid temperament, and their friendship becomes more than either of them expected.

As their relationship evolves from friendship to love, they find themselves caught up in a romance that transcends infatuation and gives way to dangerous consequences. The feelings of both men are tested when they’re arrested for sodomy and imprisoned for their alleged crimes against the nature of human sexuality. Thomas and Wesley’s affect on each other becomes so strong that their feelings give way to a slow epiphany that neither of them may come out alive. Both men are thrown into the reality of their situation when they must make decisions based on what is realistic or where their happiness for themselves and one another, truly lies.

I am a writer, therefore, I am a dreamer and

insane enough to believe that anything is possible.

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