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the lost art of mannerisms


Children's Book

Date Published: May 21, 2023

Publisher: MindStir Media

Cori Elba (Illustrator)


These three words: Listen, Share and be Nice can be basic cornerstones for your child’s growth and development. Teaching your toddler is a daily routine. Using the same mannerisms towards them every day establishes a routine that they become accustomed to. Iif you stick to this routine daily, it teaches and reminds your child to be nice to others and to those in your family. But parents do not expect a miracle in 24 hours give it time… It will take six months to a year to see the effect in your child’s behavior. Just repeat, repeat, repeat your words of action.

Politeness is spoken worldwide and in every language, whether in public or private. The simplicity of kindness teaches that everyone matters in this world. These three children's books (“Please, Thank You and Excuse Me,” “Listen, Share, and Be Nice,” and “Animal Etiquette for Kids”) are lighthearted and geared for all ages. Mannerisms must start somewhere, so why not parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, and caregivers show our children mutual respect for all people, places, and things?

This series of children's books is a fun way to re-introduce manners into your children's lives. It's cool to be polite and kind to everyone.

About the Author

Ashley has been a professional nanny for over fifteen years and the owner of a nanny service. She incorporates nature with mild education and mannerisms in children's lives. When Ashley is not a nanny, she is a world traveler, nature enthusiast, and loves mountain biking, yoga, and spending time with her nephew, Walker.


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