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How the Gentle Persuasion of Equine Therapy can bring Restoration and Peace to the Wounded and Hurting




Self-Help / Abuse

Date Published: August 1, 2023

Publisher: Ketanna



Unleash the remedying potential of horses: How equine-assisted services can improve your mental health and emotional well-being.

Do you or a loved one suffer from trauma or developmental challenges, and are you looking for therapy options to help overcome these complex issues?

Do you know that animals have emotions too, which can positively impact one’s mental health?

Read this comprehensive book to discover some of the amazing aspects of these noble animals and how they can help us find relief in our trials, positively impacting everyone around us.


Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How one woman’s love of horses changed the way military horses are treated – discover how her legacy lives on today
  • Why some horses need relief, too – including ways to communicate with and understand horses on a deeper level
  • A look at the art of horse whispering, including its history, snapshots of noteworthy modern-day horse whisperers, and the “join up” method developed by the “Man Who Listens to Horses”
  • What Natural Horsemanship truly is, and many several profiles of the most notable horse experts – with the first dating back to 420 BCE!
  • The ways in which equine-assisted therapy can help with PTSD, lessen the effects of stressful careers, and reduce anxiety
  • Tips on finding the best equine therapy center, including a list of centers that do fantastic work
  • The many benefits of equine therapy for those with developmental challenges, including how it helps people with ADHD, Down Syndrome, and a myriad of other challenges


And so much more!


About the Author

 Anna B. Joachim is a lifelong lover of horses and the author of Horses of Europe, Horses of War, and her latest title, Horses of Hope, which is due for publication this fall.

Anna’s profound respect for horses is evident in her writing, which explores horses through the lens of history in order to bring the modern reader to a deeper understanding of our relationship with these majestic creatures.

As a Natural Horsemanship and Parelli student, Anna has a sound understanding of equine behavior and the bond between humans and horses, and she has been caring for her own mare for the past sevaral years, having raised her from a yearling. She is passionate about riding and exploring the world on horseback, having ridden in some of the most beautiful regions of Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Anna’s love for horses has been passed down to her family, and each of her daughters are as dedicated to preserving the human-horse connection as she is.

Along with her dedication to horses, Anna has space in her life for a number of other passions, including her work in the field of Fertility Health. And when she’s not engaged in her work or spending time with her horse, you might find her enjoying the world and the people around her in the ways she loves the most: through hiking, golfing, and ballroom dancing with her husband.

Underpinning all of her work and passions is a gratitude to God for granting her the opportunity to enjoy each of these blessings and share her knowledge with others.


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