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Fantasy / Mythology / Folklore

Date Published: September 13, 2023



For as long as Win can remember, she has seen things that no one else can see, horrific hallucinations that feel nearly real. After a decades-long parade of visions, Win rarely questions her condition. When the hallucinations arrive, she simply braces herself and waits for them to pass. Every other aspect of Win’s life is perfectly ordinary and vaguely disappointing: a mind-numbing job, mounting debt, and a lackluster social life.

It all changes for Win in a moment, when a tragic vision brings her face to face with a stranger who claims Win is more than an ordinary woman, mired in the ordinary world. Her visions, more than terrifying fantasies, reveal truths that only she can see, truths that others would do anything to control. Win’s arcane ability endangers her as much as it empowers her, and she finds herself hunted by a mysterious force. Her only option is to leave the life she knows and seek out who she is.

With more questions than answers, Win enters a world where fairy tales and folklore hide in the lives of everyday people. She must learn to live in the space between otherworldly dangers and mundane reality. Win must decide which monsters can be trusted, how she will pay her bills, and what she must learn about herself to combat an unseen enemy, an enemy whose ambition threatens the very fabric of reality.

Irreverent and comically dark, Out of the Way Things offers a fantastic world, filled with mythic beings concealed in the shadows of the ordinary. Kendall McNutt brings readers into a hyper realistic fantasy that asks us to consider the possibility that all stories are true and that nothing is impossible.


About the Author

Kendall McNutt is a story enthusiast from way back. She has been authoring stories since she could hold a pen. She loves stories in all forms, and takes every opportunity to jump into them wherever they occur, in whatever capacity is available.

Kendall lives in the Pacific Northwest, known for breathtaking landscapes and Seasonal Affective Disorder. When she is not consumed by a story or toiling away in the public education system, she can be found adventuring with friends and family, or snuggling cats. Her cats. Not all cats. Certainly not strange cats.


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