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PROMO Blitz: Birthright by @tjpulley #excerpt #giveaway

Christian Fiction
Date Published: August 2013

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Experience a journey that leads to a legacy. Birthright brings the imagination to life and explores true faith. Orion discovers that life can be so much more.

There are so many things in life that we must work hard for. Other things come to us just from being born. What an amazing feeling to have something of importance given to you. In Birthright, author T. J. Pulley tells the story of a young college student Orion who inherits an extraordinary gift after suffering the loss of his grandpa. In the reading of the will Orion heard, 'To my wonderful grandson you brought me much joy in life so I give you my greatest treasure; I leave you my faith.' Sitting and waiting for the rest, he realized that there wasn't anything left to hear. What Orion thought to be pointless becomes the foundation of his existence. Join in this story as Orion navigates the challenges of life while he comes to grip with his purpose. This is a story of someone receiving something far greater than they could ever imagine. We all share in this story because we all have a birthright in God.


I could see it all. I remembered every thought and fear.

I remember everything before I blacked out. I had shortness of breath, intense emotions, and disbelief. I was scared but I had an unsettling peace. I was being asked the same things in different ways, so I attempted to explain, but some of the details were hazy, so I had to go to the beginning of that day and work my way to where I was at that moment. That day wasn’t the greatest day for me because I had to attend my Grandpa Miller’s funeral.

I wasn’t hurt because he was too young—he actually lived to be ninety-eight years old. I was more hurt because of the connection we once had, and without warning, it was gone forever.

Sometimes you can feel that a person will mean a lot to your life, and that’s how I felt about Grandpa Miller.

I felt like he was teaching me without even trying to.

Despite the fact that he was seventy-nine years older than me he never bored me or even seemed old for that matter. Part of me felt like he would actually live forever. It’s nothing like someone close to you leaving your life to make you feel like your whole life has been flipped upside down. He once told me this world is a bad preview of the coming attraction. He was always finding common ground, and he knew I loved the movies. He would occasionally watch one with me even though he had no use for them. After a while Grandpa drifted away from normal things and behaviors and always seemed to be preoccupied. No matter how brief our activities got I would always remember my talks with him the most.

There was always wisdom that he had to pass on to me.

We could talk for hours on just about anything except for the one sore subject, which was my grandma Miller.

About the Author

T. J. Pulley was born in Chicago, IL. Growing up in the church was one of the best things that happened to him. It not only gave him a relationship with God but it exposed him to talents he would have never known that he had. Pulley’s writing was mostly geared toward music, but he asked God for the ability to be able to write in every way possible. Religion is a big part of his life and draws upon his beliefs in all aspects of his life and his writing. His wife, Ashlie is a great support for him and was a great encouragement while creating his book, Birthright. T. J. really hopes people are blessed by this book and he is thankful for the chance to express this story in his own way.

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  1. I've never read Christian Fiction, so that's what really intrigues me!

  2. This is a story of someone receiving something far greater than they could ever imagine, sounds interesting.

  3. This book sounds like an interesting read!!