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Book Blitz: 8 Essential Steps to Inspire Others & Build a Thriving Workforce by Tenia Davis, Ph. D. #promo #business #nonfiction #leadership #rabtbooktours


The Servant Leadership Advantage


Business Leadership, Company Culture, Inspiration, Leadership Development

Date Published: June 1, 2023


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At its core, servant leadership creates an environment where everyone works together toward common goals without sacrificing individual values or freedoms. The focus is on helping people grow through experiences and providing support when necessary to ensure success for individuals and organizations.

A successful servant leadership culture fosters a more effective and compassionate leadership culture in your organization. In "8 Essential Steps to Inspire Others & Build A Thriving Workforce," author and leadership expert Tenia Davis, Ph.D., outlines a proven process for creating better leaders.

This practical guide includes everything leaders need to know to create an environment that encourages employee engagement and drives organizational success. The process includes identifying the right people for leadership roles, providing ongoing training and development opportunities, and helping team members internalize a servant leadership mindset that emphasizes serving others over traditional power dynamics.

In organizations where the leadership team models servant leadership principles, those leaders create an atmosphere where employees feel valued, appreciated, and empowered. Servant leadership done well creates an environment of trust where individuals are more likely to be engaged in their work and motivated to achieve results that benefit everyone involved.

Whether you’re looking for ways to transform your existing team or build one from scratch, this book provides all the tools and information necessary to develop strong leaders who embody servant leadership’s spirit.


About the Author

Tenia Davis is an accomplished Human Resources and Recruitment professional with a distinguished record of leadership in executive positions at top-tier organizations such as Harpo Productions (The Oprah Winfrey Show), iManage, Johnson Publishing Company, and Raise. With an exceptional track record of driving operational excellence, Tenia has successfully managed complex practices, standards, and regulations not only for talent acquisition and HR but also for multiple departments of large international corporations while managing day-to-day administration.

As the chief people officer at NORC at the University of Chicago, Tenia is responsible for overseeing NORC’s People and Diversity Racial Equity, Inclusion (DREI) functions. In this role, she brings her extensive experience in change management, organizational development and training, compensation and benefits, workplace planning and recruitment, HRIS, employee and labor relations, and embedding diversity initiatives to lead the organization towards success.

Tenia is a scholar as well as a leader, holding an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from Benedictine University’s Center for Values-Driven Leadership. Her dissertation titled “The Influence of Organizational Culture on the Display of Servant Leadership” is a testament to her exceptional academic credentials. Furthermore, she is a recognized community leader who demonstrates a particular care and interest in mentoring the next generation of leaders and volunteers. Her efforts were acknowledged by the United States Senate as she received Congressional recognition for inspiring the world’s future leaders.

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