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Tour Kick Off - Meet and Greet - Grim by Joseph Spencer

Paranormal Crime Thriller
Date Published: 9/1/12

Grim is a complex, gritty, and often gory tale which follows a series of grisly murders in Prairieville. The blood trail leads to a reclusive millionaire Heath Grim, who wears a mask to hide his war scars from the world, but he harbors a darker secret on the inside. Virtuous detective Adam White almost always gets his man, but he's haunted by the one case he's never closed - his wife's murder. When White is pushed to the limits of his sanity from a rising body count and a criminal kingpin who has turned crooked cops and corrupt politicians against him, will he be able to collar the killer? Or will a plot to tarnish his image and the killer's information on a common enemy turn White into the type of man he's hunted throughout his law enforcement career?

Reading Addiction Blog Tours MEET and GREET

#1 – Do You See Writing as a Career?

         I’d love to get to the point where I could write full time. I used to write every day for ten years as a newspaper reporter, and missing writing is what made me throw my hat into the fiction arena. I currently work full time at a 9-1-1 emergency communications center as a manager, and I try to write a few pages a day when I’m not at work. 

#2 – What was the Hardest Part of Your Writing Process?

          I’m lumped in with a majority of writers with whom I’ve spoken in that editing is tough for me. I tend to read over a lot of my mistakes because I know what I meant to write. Also, sometimes imagery that I see in my head isn’t translated in the words others are reading. When I was editing my first book, Grim, I had already started writing my second book, Wrage, and it became a little difficult at the start of editing to get back into my first project because I’d advanced the story so much.

#3 – Did you have any One Person Who Helped You Out with Your Writing Outside of Your Family?

         I’ve got to credit my editors Michael Garrett and Avril Dannenbaum. Garrett worked with Stephen King, and I was honored he chose to work with me. I believe he helped me get accepted by my publisher Damnation Books. Then, Avril, who works for Damnation Books, helped me make Grim tighter and my Adam White character a little more dynamic.

#4 – What is next for your writing?

         I’m busy right now. I’m ironing out the contract for Wrage, which will be released this summer or fall most likely. After that’s settled, I’ll have editing to do for Wrage, which is the second book of my Sons of Darkness series. I’ve also begun writing Book 3 which will be titled Malice and the main character is a rocker loosely based off Marilyn Manson. I’m also working on a story of a small-town girl who gets tricked by human traffickers and thrown into a world of sex slavery. I also recently penned a short story titled High School Sucks which may wind up in a YA anthology being put out by Dark Moon Books.   

#5 – Do you have an addiction to reading as well as writing? If so, what are you currently reading?

       I read a few books a week usually. Right now, I’m reading Lee Child’s The Killing Floor, the debut appearance of Jack Reacher. I watched the film version with Tom Cruise first, and the character sounded compelling to me. I’m about 1/3 of the way through, and I’m not disappointed. Child writes with short, action-packed sentences filled with grit.

This or That?

#1 - iPd or Mp3?   


#2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?


#3 – Mashed Potatoes or French Fries?

Mashed potatoes

#4 – Comedy or Drama?


#5 – Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks?

Nicholas Sparks

#6 – Fantasy or Reality?


#7 – Call or Text?


#8 – Public School or Home School?

Public School

#9 – Coffee or Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

#10 – eBook or Paperback?


Joseph Spencer is the author of the Sons of Darkness series launched by his debut novel, Grim, on September 1, 2012. Work on his second book of the series, Wrage, is already underway and is expected to be released some time in 2013. 
The Sons of Darkness is a series of paranormal crime thrillers following investigations into mysterious deaths in the central Illinois city of Prairieville. Home of the notorious serial killer, The Reaper, Prairieville has had a history of violence centered on an ongoing feud between the Marino and Black organized crime families. When bodies start showing up again at the abandoned Marino State Hospital, many fear the Reaper has returned. The people of Prairieville are about to find out their problems stem from a supernatural source which has lurked in secret for decades. 
As a boy, Joseph Spencer immersed himself in the deductive logic of Sherlock Holmes, the heroic crime fighting of Batman and Spider-Man, and a taste for the tragic with dramas from poets like Shakespeare and Homer. 
Before Joseph took to spinning his own tales, he pursued a career in print sports journalism, graduating with honors from Clinton (IL) High School in 1996 and summa cum laude from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 2000. He covered such events as NASCAR’s Subway 500 race in Martinsville, the NBA Draft Camp in Chicago, the Junior College World Series, and Minor League Baseball’s Midwest League All-Star Game during a ten-year career throughout the Midwest. Now, he works as an emergency telecommunications specialist with an Illinois police department. The combination of years of writing experience with a background working with law enforcement professionals gave rise to his writing aspirations. 
Joseph was married Dr. Amy (Waggoner) Spencer, an accomplished veterinary doctor, on March 14, 2012. He received word his debut novel was accepted by his publisher, Damnation Books, the next day. Joseph and Amy look forward to their honeymoon in Paris in September 2012. Murphy, a 15-year-old orange tabby, is perhaps the most vocal member of the family. The Spencer family enjoys reading Charlaine Harris, George R.R. Martin, Mary Janice Davidson, and most paranormal stories. The Spencers also enjoy quoting movie lines from The Princess Bride, Rain Man, Bridesmaids, and Office Space.
Twitter: josephspencer00

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