Sunday, February 21, 2016

NetGalley Co-Op Stats and Information

We have been effectively running our NetGalley Co-Op for 4 months now. We now have some information on what you can expect as we have listed 40 titles during that time. 

NetGalley is something we have found is more of a long term answer to gaining reviews and insights. It's great for novels that are coming out in a month or two, but we have also had success with authors and novels that have been out for over a year. 

Here are our findings thus far. Your title will run during the month of your chose. That is considered month 1. Reviews will continue to come in over the next several months. These are running totals.

During Month 1 - Average about 5-8 feedback/reviews.
During Month 2 - Average about - 6-12 feedback/reviews.
During Month 3 - Average about 13-15 feedback/reviews.

A little more info on what you get with a NetGalley Slot:

You receive Cover Votes so you know how much readers like your Cover. 

Titles listed have averaged 30-50 Requests to Review their Novel during the Month they are live.

This is a great way to get your novel in front of Librarians, Booksellers, and Reviewers in general. The Average Number of Impressions for the Month they are live is 200-400!

Please note that if you do use our Co-Op, we handle the title on NetGalley 100% and will forward any feedback to you that your novel receives as well as the email address of the reviewer.

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