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The Conscious Art of Embracing

Nonfiction / Health / Body, Mind & Spirit / Self-Help

Date Published: May 17, 2021

Publisher: Cool Creative Press

HOLDING: The Conscious Art of Embracing, draws us into our deep longing to hold and to be held. Through simple words, images and wonder, we touch this need and recognize that when we are conscious and intentional, we can hold with our arms. We can hold with our words. We can hold with our very presence.

Choose this book for you own or to gift to others who want to create a legacy of holding in their families and the world.


This book was a “waking up” for me of a need that lives deeply within my life, decades away from my birth. As Robin Grille encouraged in his teachings, holding is essential for our successful evolution and advancement. As my sweet lover-of-life nephew reminds me, holding is continually emerging.

The sweetness of holding myself in a new way has brought more love and coherence to my life.

I hope this book embraces you and your little one; that it fosters a deep sense of loving kindness. I like to think of holding as a muscle that we work every day of our lives. We create a tradition of holding long before our child comes to us.

As I was inspired by this notion of holding, I observed holding myself in new ways. I found a stillness that my body, mind, and spirit could relax into. I found myself leaning into invisible realms and feeling the benevolence of wonder, the spark of curiosity.

I wonder how this tree might hold me?

I wonder how I can be in relationship with

those I love from afar.

How can I hold them even now?

I invite you to hold yourselves in unfamiliar ways. I

implore you to pioneer new possibilities and carve out deep territories of compassion within your hearts. It is my aspiration that this book stirs you to hold yourself, those you love, and the whole world in new ways.

About The Author

Sarah L. Dickey deeply loves spirituality, curiosity, children, books, nature, rituals, astrology, wonder, and a good cuppa coffee. Her work has led to her role as a soul doula, an APPPAH trained Pre and Perinatal Educator, and a Certified Calm Birth Teacher, who works with mommas, families and groups to rethink and reclaim the birth experience.

Holding is a very personal work as Sarah believes in the power of conscious embrace through every stage of life from preconception and beyond.

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