Monday, August 30, 2021

Tour Kick Off: The House by Melissa A. Crane DC, MS, HHP #blogtour #nowontour #nonfiction #giveaway #selfhelp #rabtbooktours @AuthorParul

Nonfiction, Self-Love, Self-Help, Empowerment, Spiritual, Reinventing

Release Date: 8/8/21

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In a time of emotional upheaval, change, and uncertainty, The House offers us a story of hope, with new and empowering perspectives. This two-part awakening journey speaks to the wounded child, left to believe they were anything less than pure magic, who lives within all of us.

As we learn how to open ourselves up to divine grace, to embrace our shadows, and see life’s challenges as opportunities for growth, only then can we gain the keys needed to free ourselves from our self-imposed prison of limiting beliefs.

By helping one go within ‘The House,’ to see all that has been stored, hidden, and cast aside there, one can discover their brilliant truth. By going within, we find what lies at the core of the human experience: compassion, forgiveness, and love.

In this pivotal time of restructuring on a global level, as we strive to create a New World, with a solid foundation based upon peace and harmony, we need to begin with ourselves first.

With joyful surrender, courage, and trust in the process, our vision that truly anything is possible will become clear.

Dr. Melissa Crane has committed herself to a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. She willfully shares the wisdom she has gained and received, through her personal experiences and divinely channeled messages, with those who also seek to discover, remember, and awaken to the truth of who they are.

As a Holistic Chiropractor and Massage Therapist, Melissa has spent countless hours supporting and helping her clients heal through physical and emotional trauma.

Melissa now shares her wisdom and experience through teaching the sacred union of feminine, masculine and the child within; through traversing the dark night of the soul; by expounding the wisdom of Mother Earth; and by teaching you how to connect with Spirit.

Melissa serves as a Wayshower, a Teacher, a Healer, and a Guide to help you live a life of freedom and authenticity, and to assist you in co-creating your Heaven upon this New Earth.

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