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Everything you wanted to know about shrooms, pregnancy & breastfeeding

Nonfiction, Pregnancy, Self-Help


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There are no published studies on the long term effects of using magic mushrooms during pregnancy, in contrast to the many published studies regarding the impact SSRI’s have on pregnancy.

Mental Health, Magic Mushrooms and Pregnancy tries to bridge that gap by presenting all the  latest science  in a digestible way.

Inside, we look at the  dangers of untreated maternal depression,  examine the importance of serotonin in fetal brain development,  and explore how SSRI’s impact the health of the child.

Instead of 100’s of boring  pages, you’ll find everything you wanted to know (and more) about how psilocybin compares to SSRI’s in the treatment of maternal depression.

This book is for educational purposes only.




About the Author

Georgina Bailey is a psychedelics and autism researcher.

In 2012 Georgina microdosed psilocybin mushrooms for the first time and has been SSRI free since 2018.

Georgina was diagnosed with autism at age 43 in 2020  and continues to use mushrooms for mental health purposes and symptoms associated with ADHD.

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