Monday, July 3, 2023

Tour Kick Off: God & I by Victor Victori #blogtour #nowontour #nonfiction #selfhelp #Rabtbooktours

The Pursuit of Wisdom, Knowledge, Spiritual Power, and the Minds of God Through Multiplism


Nonfiction / Spiritual / Self-Help


If art imitates life, this book imitates the artist’s mind. Specifically an artist that has surrendered most of their natural born life to the arts. As the decades change so does the style of the art and their philosophy of how they approach their medium. This book follows the artist’s transformation and expression of that art in correlation to the influences, both external and internal, over a lifetime of study. The influence is sometimes physical and direct, other times more seemingly abstract and metaphysical. And it continually revisits the question, how in control are we, or is there something bigger at work? Are we bound to repeat history or do we always have the power to change our path? The author provides anecdotes that seem to answer the text's questions directly, and at other times stir the ambiguity. At the same time, the format of the book as an anthology allows for it to rest on any coffee table and be cracked open at any page to enjoy a slice of the larger thought-pie.

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