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New Adult, Interracial Romance

Date Published: January 18, 2021

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Humphrey Bertrand's genius-level IQ can't help him find his moral compass. His family is filled with racial conflicts and he struggles to find his own way. But he cannot let anyone drown, regardless of their skin color.

Alicia Bloom, a gifted valedictorian and poet runs away from an abusive situation. While she is thankful to Humphrey for saving her life she doesn't want to be tied to anyone.

When an attempt on her life forces them to hit the road together to stay one step ahead of a murderous maniac they wonder if their dreams of a future will be put on hold permanently.


A sweaty Alicia left the poolside gym, at the Marriot, near Dartmouth, New Hampshire. The pool and poolside were devoid of people except for Humphrey. She ogled him while he sprinted the butterfly up and down the outdoor sapphire pool. Droplets danced on his wide shoulders and lats. His incredible body caressed the waters, producing a smooth trowel the length of him. Every part of him made her yearn for a lover named Humphrey. On the run with the world’s cutest boy, one must avoid freefalling off a cliff. Rocks often awaited at the bottom.

He still put up makeshift curtains between their beds, but it had gotten cold at night.

She ran to their room and changed into a red, white, and blue bikini she had bought in Cambridge, but coming out on the deck, she chickened at the idea of getting wet.

He stopped his exercise and allowed his shoulders to slack, likely exhausted. He gawked when she sauntered over to near the pool’s edge in the patriotic swimsuit, and there he sloshed in water, mock fanning himself. Boys. But she was tickled to the point she almost squealed. Oh, he liked her figure all right.

He waved. “Come on in.” And saluted her.

True they still had the pool to themselves, so nobody would laugh at her awkwardness. “I don’t know how to swim.” She squinted from the bright sun.

I can teach you.”

About The Author

RW Richard is a multiple award winning author. Published by The Wild Rose Press. Member of RWA, swimmer, chess master, X So Cal Senior Champ, wrote 9 books.

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