Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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Science Fiction

Publisher: Xlibris

Jack Spartan, second in command of the new Advanced Space Shuttle Victory, is thrown into an epic first contact adventure when Victory is accidentally rammed by an errant alien freighter that is mining Earth's atmosphere.

His incredible adventure will span the galaxy like no other plot you've ever read.

Fabulous hard science fiction and engineering technology for those that crave reality in their sci-fi space adventures.

About The Author

K. Edward Mallory is a retired airline captain and former Air Force instructor pilot. He lives in Elizabeth, CO with his wife and daughters.

His hobbies include rebuilding airplanes, Krav Maga martial arts and most outdoor adventures.

He enjoyed sci-fi as a youth but got bored with it as life became more technical and interesting than what was offered in the sci-fi genre. He hopes readers might enjoy a good sci-fi story with a bit more technical depth than the usual generic sci-fi choices.

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